Fiesta of Santa Catalina Tomas

21st October 2017 | Palma de Mallorca, Spain

About the Fiesta of Santa Catalina Tomas

Held on the third Saturday of October, the Fiesta of Santa Catalina Tomas honours the life of one of Mallorca’s patron saints with a vibrant parade through the island’s streets. Raised in the sixteenth century in the town of Valdemossa, where a two-day celebration of her life is also held in June, she is said to have been visited by devils and angels. After a long battle for her to be recognised as a saint, she was finally beatified in 1792 and her original home has become a shrine. The locals commemorate her life with music and dancing around Palma’s main squares and a lively parade depicting scenes from her life.

Helpful information about the Fiesta of Santa Catalina Tomas

The Fiesta of Santa Catalina Tomas, known as Saint Catherine of Palma, takes place on 21st October 2017. Although there will be celebrations throughout the island, the main festivities will take place in Palma and in the place of St. Catherine’s birth, Valdemossa. The event starts with a morning mass in the Church of St. Magdalene, followed by the parade which features a host of colourful floats. Head to the main squares to be entertained by folk bands and live music. If you’d like to find out more about the official timetable of events, please head to the Palma official website

Making the most of the Fiesta of Santa Catalina Tomas

The Feast of Santa Catalina Tomas is the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with some of Mallorca’s delicious traditional food. You’ll find plenty of it being served up as part of the festivities. As autumn descends upon Palma, you’re likely to see an abundance of cocarrois - a Mallorcan pasty which is typically filled with tasty fillings. Don’t hesitate to try the local grimalt cheeses and the hearty rice soups which are flavoured with seafood, sausage and some of the wide variety of vegetables which grow in abundance on the island. 

Where to stay in Palma for the Fiesta of Santa Catalina Tomas

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Things to do near the Fiesta of Santa Catalina Tomas

While you’re in Palma, make sure you find time to see some of the amazing sights on the island, including: the Musei parroquial de Sant Jaume, Castell de Bellver and the Basilica de Sant Francesc. For history buffs, check out the Ciutat romana de Pollentia, the incredible ancient ruins of Pollentia.

More information about the Fiesta of Santa Catalina Tomas

To find out more information about this traditional festival, please look at the official website, where you’ll be able to check out the official programme of events, find out more about the history of Santa Catalina Tomas and look at photos of last year’s event.

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