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Fieri Consort - Renaissance choral music at Little Missenden Festival

18th October 2017 | St John the Baptist Church, United Kingdom

Fieri graduated from the Genesis Sixteen young artist programme run by the acclaimed Harry Christophers (founder/conductor of the legendary Sixteen).

This programme of choral music concentrates on settings of Marian devotional texts by Renaissance masters, together with some contrasting and more recent voices.

When he came to the Spanish throne in 1516, Charles V brought his favourite music with him from the Burgundian court. Josquin (the bridge between the medieval and therenaissance)and Clemens both came to be influential figures in the later music produced for the king and his son, Philip II, by their own Spanish composers.

Spain in the 16th and 17th Centuries was a true Golden Age (Siglo d’Oro) of choral polyphony. Various ‘schools’ grew up around the great cathedrals - Lobo, Navarro and Guerrero were all active inSeville - and great music was produced when composers wrote to find favour with their royal and ecclesiastical patrons.

The astonishing power of these early sacred polyphonic works still resonates today. Although musical styles have changed considerably over the centuries, Latin devotional texts do not alter. Poulenc, Macmillan and McDowall will show us their own more modern slant on the tried and tested.

Founded in 2011, the Fieri Consort has quickly become one of the country’s most exciting young vocal groups, offering a unique blend of technical precision and theatrical innovation. Steeped in the finest of choral traditions, they perform without a conductor and have already garnered considerable critical acclaim.

‘Their voices blend beautifully and their sound is exquisite, but they go beyond that... they also understand the subtle nuances of text-based phrasing that so well suits the renaissance repertoire they sing’ Brighton Early Music Festival

‘…separate intelligences are perfectly united into a corporate performance…it is sometimes hard not to believe that this is achieved by a kind of telepathy’ The Fine Times Recorder

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