Festival Sant Medir Barcelona

2nd March 2018 | Barcelona, Spain

About Festival Sant Medir

“Sant Medir” is one of the most deeply-rooted festivals in the old town of Gràcia, Barcelona. It is best known for the abundance of sweets and toffees thrown to the public from the horses, floats and lorries in the procession. The festival groups parade the neighborhood in the morning and then set off on a pilgrimage to the “Ermita de Sant Medir” or shrine.  On arrival back in the village, a big musical parade starts followed with the handing out sweets to the waiting public who are armed with bags, buckets and umbrellas to collect as many as they can.

Helpful information about Festival Sant Medir

“Festival Sant Medir” is celebrated in Barcelona’s old town of Gràcia. The nearest airport is Barcelona Airport – El Prat and is approximately 13 kms to the city centre. From the airport you can take the RENFE train, Aerobus express service or a taxi to Barcelona’s city centre.  Getting from the city centre to Gràcia, you can take the metro green line to stations Fontana green L3, Diagonal green L3 or Joanic yellow L4.

Making the most of Festival Sant Medir

The origins of the “Festa de Sant Medir” can be traced back to Gràcia about a promise made in 1828 by the baker Josep Vidal i Granés, whose bakery was on Carrer Gran. He said that if he recovered from the illness he was suffering, each year he would go on a pilgrimage to the “Ermita de Sant Medir” or shrine. That year he honoured his promise for the first time and, gradually, he was joined by relatives, friends and more and more people, which later became the pilgrimage of today.

Where to stay in Barcelona during the Festival Sant Medir

In the city centre you can choose to stay in luxurious houses, chic apartments, stylish bed and breakfasts and all within easy reach of the old town of Gràcia and many of its local attractions.

Things to do during the Festival Sant Medir 

A popular attraction is of course Park Guell, a public park composed of gardens and architectonic elements located on Carmel Hill. Have a coffee in “La Plaça de la Virreina” is while visiting the neighbourhood. Simply sitting on the steps of the beautiful Saint Joan church is enough to truly soak up the most pleasant of Gràcia vibes.

More information about the Festival Sant Medir

To find out more information on the Festival Sant Medir go to Wikipedia.  Here you can explore the history, tradition and culture about one of Barcelona’s most popular and important districts.

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