Feria de San Juan, Malaga

23rd June 2018 | Málaga, Spain

About the Feria de San Juan in Málaga

The night of San Juan is a widely-observed celebration in the whole of Spain and one of Malaga’s most enjoyable festivals. Once night falls, the locals head to the beach to watch the lighting of numerous huge bonfires, some topped with effigies of politicians who have fallen out of favour. It is also a ritualistic affair - enter the water after midnight and legend has it that you’ll be safe from dark spirits for the coming year. San Juan is a time for families and friends to gather and enjoy the magnificent bonfire display together with food, drink and lots of dancing into the early hours.

Helpful information about the Feria de San Juan in Málaga

The San Juan celebrations take place on 23rd June 2017. The city has its own international airport with frequent flights to and from the UK’s main cities. If you’re travelling to Málaga to take part in the festivities, head to the beach once night falls and you’ll be greeted with crowds awaiting the lighting of the bonfires. Bonfires are held at most of the city’s beaches, with the most popular being Playa Malagueta and La Caleta. Be prepared to wrap up nice and warm and to bring a towel with you if you’re planning to have a lucky midnight dip.

Making the most of the Feria de San Juan in Málaga

The night of San Juan, or noche de San Juan as it’s known in Spain, is a wonderful opportunity to take part in some ancient Mediterranean rituals. Watch as thousands enter the sea at midnight in the belief that they will wash away the evil spirits for the coming year. Another popular belief is that bathing in the sea at this time will grant the swimmer three wishes and it’s not uncommon to see people collect the sea water to take home to bestow some of the magic on their household plants. You’ll also witness people jumping over the bonfires - according to legend, this act cleanses the soul.

Where to stay in Málaga for the Feria de San Juan in Málaga

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Things to do near the Feria de San Juan in Málaga

While you’re in Málaga, make sure you find time to see some of the spectacular sights that the city has to offer, including: visit the historic Alcazaba fortress; check out some world-class modern art at the Centro de Arte Contemporaneo; and pay homage to Málaga’s famous son, Pablo Picasso, at the Museo Picasso

More information about the Feria de San Juan in Málaga

To find out more information about the Feria de San Juan in Málaga, please contact the Tourist Office, where you’ll be able to find out which beaches are staging bonfires for the Noche de San Juan, view pictures of last year’s San Juan and find out more about the San Juan traditions and rituals.

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