Fabbrica Europa

1st May 2018 - 31st May 2018 | Stazione Leopolda, Italy

About Fabbrica Europa, Florence (Dates to be confirmed)

Located within the beautiful city of Florence Fabbrica Europa brings together a selection of dance, theatre and music events. Concerts range from artistic experiments and the avant-garde to a celebration of world music and culture.  Dance routines and theatre productions have taken inspiration from everyday situations and social experiments, through to more traditional ballets and opera.  The festival organisers have been transformed the old train station at Stazione Leopolda into a cultural hub since the early nighties, during which highlights have also including a special performance from British trip-hop pioneer Daddy G (Massive Attack).

Helpful information about Fabbrica Europa, Florence

The nearest airport for Florence is Amerigo Vespucci Airport, from which you can reach Stazione Leopolda easily via a 20-minute taxi drive.  The main events for the festival vary in price, ranging from around €5 to €20. Likewise start times depend on the performance, so check the official website for details, although expect the majority of evenings to start from around 9pm.  Some evenings include more than one performance, with the 2nd part of your night starting from 11pm and finishing in the early hours.  There are also events elsewhere in the city as part of the festival, check local listings for more details.

Making the most of Fabbrica Europa

With so many nights to choose from take a look through the programme of events to help make up your mind.  There are some days that feature more than one show in the same evening, making it great value for money. Plus, if you’re a student take advantage of the discounts on offer. Keep an eye out for lectures and workshops at other venues, you may find inspiration for your own show. Sign up to the festival mailing list and be among the first to hear festival announcements, or research online for an insight into the best of past performances.

Where to stay in Florence for Fabbrica Europa

Choose from a wide range of private rentals close to Stazione Leopolda including villas, apartments, Bed and Breakfasts, flats and more. Wherever you are looking to stay within Florence most people travel around on foot, which along with public transport makes it easy to reach the Fabbrica Europa festival.

Things to do near Fabbrica Europa

Take a trip to Piazzale Michelangelo for stunning views of the city and replicas of the famous artists works, or see examples of the real thing at Galleria dell’Accademia. The 19th century Cathedral Santa Maria de l Fiore is also definitely worth a visit.

More information about Fabbrica Europa

To find out more about Fabbrica Europa including: the Fabbrica Europa Festival, programme of events, the Fabbrica Europa Foundation and other projects, news, contacts and to sign up for the events newsletter visit the official website.

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