Estate Fiesolana, Florence

1st June 2018 - 31st July 2018 | Fiesole, Italy

About Estate Fiesolana, Florence (Dates to be confirmed)

Situated just outside Florence, Estate Fiesolana has been running since 1947 as one of the oldest open air festivals in Italy.  With the ruins of the Roman Theatre staging the majority of events this is a festival experience unlike many others. The six weeks feature not only the best contemporary music, dance and theatre, but also shows in rock music, singer songwriters and unusual themed walks through the countryside.  Take a seat in the old amphitheatre for a classical concert, a hiking tour across the mountains complete with live music or discover an array of artists from around the world.

Helpful information about Estata Fiesolana

Nearest airport for Florence is Amerigo Vespucci Airport, which will then take an hour and fifteen minutes to reach the city centre with a short bus trip to the festival location itself.  Prices for the festival vary from €2 to €30, with some shows being free and discounts are available.  Evening concerts and performances generally start from 9pm onwards, whilst those such as the walking tours are early evening.

Making the most of Estate Fiesolana

It is best to book in advance to avoid disappointment. The bigger shows are staged at the impressive Roman Theatre. Combine the traditional events with something a little unusual for the full experience.  If you are going on hiking tours then be mindful of sensible footwear, the outdoor events should be ok with the weather, but maybe pack a waterproof jacket just in case.  Recent years have also seen events held at the Roman Baths, which are definitely worth a visit.

Where to stay in Florence for Estate Fiesolana

Choose from a wide range of private rentals, houses and apartments close to the Fiesole Roman Theatre on the outskirts of the city. If you are looking to stay within the city centre it is easy to reach the festival by a short bus ride.

Things to do near Estate Fiesolana

Visit Piazzale Michelangelo for the best views of Florence, as well as being adorned with replicas of the great artists works. Walking tours will take you through the city’s landmarks, including the 19th century domed building of the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore.

More information about Estate Fiesolana

Find out more about Estate Fiesolana, including: the history, list of events (music, theatre, dance and cinema), box office details and ticket information, contacts and links to other contributors at the official website.

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