Dublin Circus Festival

9th September 2017 - 24th September 2017 | Dublin, Ireland

About the Dublin Circus Festival

First held in 2000, the Dublin Circus Festival is a weekend event incorporating skillful circus performances and workshops for kids and adults alike. The aim is to gather together the world’s jugglers, street performers, acrobats and other skilled artists to create a fun-packed showcase weekend. Very much a family event, the focus is on imparting skills to others via workshops which are organised throughout the weekend and which include the Toddler class, Family,  Mid, Tiny and Teens Circuses, so that all members of the younger generation can try their hand at developing some exciting and impressive talents. 

Helpful information about the Dublin Circus Festival

The Dublin Circus Festival is a three-day event normally held in the middle of April at various venues throughout the Irish capital. The popular workshops are principally held in the Main Convention Hall at Larkin Hall on Champions Avenue. Workshops include Dramatic Circus, Diabolo Orbits, Stage Presence and Juggling and Ball-ism with prices varying from €5 to €20 depending on the activity. Check out the festival Facebook page for further details on the 2017 programme, venues and ticketing. If you’d like to travel to Dublin for this unique festival, your nearest airport is Dublin International Airport. From there, you can either take a taxi ride into the city centre or hop on one of the many shuttle buses which will transport you directly into town. 

Making the most of the Dublin Circus Festival

The Dublin Circus Festival is a great way to introduce your children to some new skills and to stimulate their creative juices. These introductory workshops aim to develop kids’ hand eye coordination, which proves particularly useful for skills such as juggling and acrobatics, and work on balance and the art of physical comedy. With a notable lack of competitiveness, the focus is rather on inclusivity and encouraging each child to do their best and to reach some level of personal success. If you’re interested in participating in the 2017 festival, head here to learn more. 

Where to stay in Dublin for the Dublin Circus Festival

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Things to do near the Dublin Circus Festival

Wherever you head to in Dublin, there will be plenty to keep you occupied. Make sure you leave time to check out: Dublin Castle, the National Botanic Garden and the famous Trinity College.

More information about the Dublin Circus Festival

To find out more information about the circus festival, please head to the event page where you’ll be able to view the full programme of events, book tickets and reserve your place on the workshops.

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