Die Lange Nacht der Musik

28th April 2018 | Munich, Germany

About Die Lange Nacht der Musik

Munich’s ‘Long Night of Music’ is a marathon night of music events taking place across the city in a wide variety of unusual and unique venues. Featuring every musical style imaginable, from reggae to classical to rock, the entire city is taken over by simultaneous musical performance. Starting at 8pm and ending at 3am, the event was inspired by the global Long Night of Museums during which museums stay open throughout the night to allow maximum public access. Over a hundred venues, including churches, bars, museums and concert halls are open until 3am, allowing you to experience a varied and exciting evening of musical entertainment.

Helpful information about Die Lange Nacht der Musik

The ‘Long Night of Music’, known as ‘Die Lange Nacht der Musik’ locally, takes place on 28 April, 2018. You can buy your ticket from various local outlets or online at the official city council website for €15. Your ticket grants you access to all of the venues in a particular area. All performances start simultaneously at 8pm but of course you can hop around from venue to venue if you’d like to see lots of different musicians. Public transport will also be in operation until 3am to ferry you between the venues and take you home. If you’d like to attend this marathon event, the nearest airport is Munich International Airport. 

Making the most of Die Lange Nacht der Musik

The key to getting the most out of this event is to check out the official programme well in advance so that you can identify the acts you’d like to see and how to get there. With a huge range of genres, there’s bound to be something that rocks your boat happening in one of Munich’s venues. To view the programme, keep an eye on the official website where you’ll find the line-up as soon as it’s released. 

Where to stay in the Munich for Die Lange Nacht der Musik

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Things to do near Die Lange Nacht der Musik

While you’re in the Munich for the music, make sure you take some time to explore the history of this unique Bavarian city. Visit Nymphenburg Palace, the magnificent Rathaus and check out the view of the city from the Olympic Tower. 

More information about Die Lange Nacht der Musik

To find out more information about this event, please head to the official website where you’ll be able to check out the full list of musicians participating in the event, see the programme once it’s announced and check the exact locations of the participating venues.

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