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Creating New Futures Together

27th October 2017 | Walker Building, United Kingdom

THIS IS AN INVITE TO AN EVENING YOU’LL NEVER FORGET! WHAT’S GOING ON? Join us for an evening of discussion like you’ve never had before. We want to work with you to find new ways of living together in our diverse city and nation. For the last year, we’ve been talking to people in Birmingham about migration, cohesion, and how we all get along. We know there are a lot of people who feel swept away by the changing face of society.  And there are a lot of people who love the diversity and variety this brings. Can these two groups come together and reach some common ground. Can we – whatever our views – answer some pretty fundamental questions like: Are we at risk of losing our values? Was Brexit largely driven by fear of immigrants? Do some people get more out of society than they put in? SO WHO’S THE MAIN SPEAKER? You are. The evening will open with short, five-minute speakers representing various conflicting viewpoints on these topics. Speakers will represent older and younger generations from different communities. But then these short introductory speeches will be followed by a facilitated discussion, making room for the voices that are in the room to be heard. This will be a challenging but rewarding event – one where we can really begin to get an understanding of some of the issues which might get in the way of us connecting on diversity. It is important that we don’t ignore the views that we don’t agree with. YOU SOUND LIKE WEIRDOS We are: well spotted. The facilitators for the evening will be: Joy Warmington, the CEO of brap, a charity transforming the way we think and do equality Ellen and Max Schupbach from the Deep Democracy Institute, an international group with a focus on facilitation and public dialogue with local organizations in East Africa, Europe, Russia, South East Asia, Ukraine and the USA This event is a partnership between  brap (www.brap.org.uk) Deep Democracy Institute (www.deepdemocracyinstitute.org) Impact Hub (https://birmingham.impacthub.net) This event is open to everyone, regardless of their background or identity.

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