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CPD Workshop Liverpool: Treating Generalised Anxiety & Panic Attacks

14th December 2017 | The Marriott Liverpool City, United Kingdom

We are delighted to invite you to our popular event on Treating GAD and Panic Attacks (Limited places)  **Your ideal event within your ideal travel distance, on your ideal ticket price** Come and connect with like-minded people. Certificate of attendance will be issued (up to 6 CPD hours). Everyone interested in the subject is welcome.  How Much Does a Ticket Cost? Early bird registrations from £47 (you save £53). It will go up to £74 if you book late (normally £100)). Group and students discounts are also available starting from £35 per person (subject to places availability).  Click the tickets button on the top right to see the prices. Please see the details of the course below... Permanent recovery from anxiety-related disorders often escape the sufferer for three main reasons: 1.  The root causes of anxiety disorders are not always adequately treated or even identified. 2.  The perpetuating intrusive thoughts and inner critical voice which sustain the anxiety disorder are not effectively dealt with. 3.  The brain wiring that constantly reinforces the habits of anxiety and worry are often overlooked and left un-dislodged. Please see the full details of the course below. This course gives you PROVEN strategies to: • Successfully treat any form of anxiety related disorder, using a practical, step-by-step action plan that you can start using immediately.  • Help eliminate deep-rooted intrusive thoughts that often perpetuate anxiety, resulting in peace of mind and confidence. • Significantly increase the long-lasting effects of your recovery or that of your client. Your learning outcomes for this training are: Learn how to apply the FEAR Model Recovery Steps to transform GAD and panic attacks. 5 Crucial Building Blocks for anxiety disorder and recovery (The FEAR Cycle). These building blocks are essential for long-lasting transformation. Using cutting edge brain science, learn the most effective way to rewire the brain for calm and confidence and dislodge the wirings of anxiety in the brain.  Understand the three main psychic elements responsible for the cause and cure of GAD and panic attacks. Master key emotional interactions within the psyche that perpetuate anxiety disorders. Learn how to initiate speedy transformation with the heart-brain cohesion techniques... Learn how to break the underlying compulsive habits that threaten full recovery. Learn how to effectively manage any counterproductive response of the emotional brain as it tries to regain control during the recovery process. Understand the crucial roles of brain acience and genetics in the transformation of generalised anxiety disorder and panic. Learn the most effective coping strategies for managing GAD and panic attacks. Keys to assisting sufferers protect their transformation post-therapy. And more...  Other focuses for the day: • How to avoid the typical mistakes made in treating anxiety-related disorders. • How to help clients with past traumas without triggering overwhelming negative emotions which often result in major relapses. • How to manage major relapses with new clients. Bonus Take-Home Recovery Materials: Two power-relaxation recovery audios that will be recorded live at the event. Two pdfs that summarise key recovery concepts. For Professionals, as Well as Sufferers... This course attracts both professionals and sufferers who are interested in mental health, continuing professional development, and effective anxiety recovery techniques. Professionals: The models and techniques you will learn in this workshop is integrative and are now being used around the world in more than 30 countries by mental health professionals, counsellors, therapists, support workers, coaches, and other agencies who care about the mental wellbeing of their communities. Many UK therapists, mental health nurses, health professionals and counsellors who have been through this course in the past have found it very useful to their work and personal development. You can read some of their testimonials below. The course is quality-checked by the National Counselling Society and can count towards your CPD requirements. CPD certificate will be issued on the day. Sufferers: If you are a sufferer, you can also register for this course. As an ex-anxiety sufferer myself, the course is designed not only to help the professionals sharpen their skills but also to enable sufferers to get their hands on a simple but effective recovery model to achieve personal transformation. You will learn about the steps that helped me transform my anxiety disorder, allowing me to start helping others around the world achieve similar life-changing transformation. The course environment is relaxed and reassuring, and you will be able to share your story with me if you want to, and ask questions. 4 Noted Benefits of Using the F.E.A.R Model The following benefits have been gathered from both the sufferers and professionals who have used the F.E.A.R model either as a self-help tool or as a model for helping clients: Health and fitness. The FEAR Model helps restore the body to function as intended. Emotional stress and anxiety messes up the nervous system, increases emotional fatigue and degenerates the body quickly. By using the FEAR model steps regularly, you’ll achieve heightened emotional well-being , a higher level of energy, creativity, and greater life satisfaction. A sufferer who recently went through the course wrote the following feedback, “Very good, informative, eye and mind opening. I wish I had known all that 20 years ago. It would have made my life much easier and successful.” Also, since anxiety and stress often speed up body degeneration, looking a lot younger has also been noted among regular users of the FEAR model steps. The FEAR Model steps can also be adapted to bring about natural weight loss by transforming the emotional and mental pathways that reinforce weight-gain in the brain. Personal transformation. The FEAR model takes you or your client to a new, higher level regarding emotional wellbeing, work, relationship and makes you a different person in many ways. We become what we think about all the time. Once your thought-life has been transformed, life transformation is inevitable. A course attendee shared this testimonial recently. “I am a mum of an anxious teenager (OCD). I now have a few more tools in my kit bag. Thought-provoking. Simple techniques for what may be complex problems, but doable steps to recovery.” Personal Growth, Influence and Recognition. If you are a therapist in practice, most clients that will come to you are more likely to have received two or more therapy interventions in the past. They have come to you to see if you offer anything different and long-lasting from what they have experienced in the past. Mastering The FEAR model sets you apart from the pack by offering your clients a simple system that offers transformation and long-lasting effect than they have experienced in the past. This builds credibility, recognition and expands your practice, as a very happy client often tells as least 3 other prospects. Your clients will value and respect you more for your helpful insight and attention to details. All of these benefits come as a result of your desire for personal growth to explore the FEAR model. “The course was extremely helpful and informative. Interesting, excellent and enjoyable. It enables me to help so many adults and children within the support groups I run,” J. Morgan, Parent Rep and Support Group Facilitator It saves money and increases practice turn-over. Many sufferers who have gone through the FEAR model course wished they had attended the course many years ago, as this would have saved them not just a lot of money but also time and a lot of emotional and physical pain. As a therapist in practice, we know that word of mouth is the most effective advertising tool especially for therapists in practice. This can translate to more organic referrals from transformed and happy clients, leading to the increase in your turn-over as a practitioner. What Previous Attendees Were Saying: "Very good...informative, useful - well worth attending." -- Dr C. Fiddler, Social Psychologist/Hypnotherapist "Very useful course and informative. Fitted well with my practice. Will be useful to me and I will use the F.E.A.R. Model with clients in combination with hypnotherapy." -- J. Fox. Clinical Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapist "Very insightful, hope to use the FEAR model in practice." Dr Vishal Banypersad, GP “ A great refresher workshop for the therapeutic intervention I provide in my clinical area. A hunger to develop a deeper understanding.” S. Doyle, Community Psychiatric Nurse “This course has helped me to normalise my intrusive thoughts. I would recommend this workshop to others.” J. D, Sufferer “Inspiring and motivational. The 5 building blocks will be hugely helpful. Really resonated with the topics and subjects. Really feel that I can apply the model straight away with clients.” T. Sharpe, Trainee Integrative Counsellor “Useful tool for working with traumatised clients.” L. Allen, Brain Injury Case manager - Children and Young People “Insightful. Informative. Enjoyable and very applicable to my work. S. Collins, Doctor of Chiropractic & Master of Psychology “A wealth of knowledge and interactive tools which can be applied with ease with oneself/family/clients.” L. Sharpe, Metaphysical teacher/Mindfulness “Positive and motivating. Information in a simplistic form. A good use of a mix of tools from a range of relevant therapies.” S. Roberts, Clinical Complementary Therapist “Very interesting and I will be applying this work in my counselling role.” K. Cofax, trainee counsellor “Enjoyed learning from a structured model in order to work with anxiety and negative intrusive thoughts.” L. Turner, Trainee Integrative Counsellor “Very useful content for client work. I would recommend this workshop to others.” M. Mottram, Student Counsellor "I really enjoyed this course and the trainer's style was brilliant as he was very inspiring." -- N. Kheirkhah, Arts Facilitator "Well delivered and very informative. useful tips for those in practice and for personal development." -- D. Daltrey, Clinical Hypnotherapist "Thoroughly enjoyed it. Interesting and informative - allowed me to revisit my previous study. Focus on a different approach with clients." -- J. Webster, Counsellor "Informative. Enjoyed the workshop." -- M. Hall, Hypnotherapist/Complementary Therapist "It was very informative and works with my other therapies." -- A. Crothers, Hypnotherapist/Counsellor/Healing & Massage The workshop was really interesting fro me and I will be able to apply the information I gained in this workshop into my practice." -- Sith Ndlov , Social Worker Great day. Vert interesting...This course information will be useful in therapy." -- Catherine Wallace, Teacher/hypnotherapist "Enjoyed thoroughly...Many thanks." --Michael Ritchie, CBT Addictions "The workshop was very insightful and informative." -- Sundeep Kaur, Recruitment and Inclusion Manager "This will be a great help with supporting children in primary school."  Learning Mentor, K. Willis "Good, you can tell Wale knows his subject very well." -- Anonymous "Good training, enjoyed the session."  J. Leigh, Homeless Housing Advocate "Very enjoyable. Valuable opportunity CPD and concept accessible." -- Anonymous "Good training - Will use in my practice with most people I work with that are experiencing homelessness and anxiety." -- Anonymous, Homelessness Housing Advocate "Very useful skills and knowledge to have - very interesting and informative." L. Morrison "Lots of good information. Interesting afternoon. Many thanks." -- J. Collie, CAMH's Counsellor "Useful tool." -- NHS (Adolescents) "Excellent. Really opened my mind." -- Anonymous, sufferer "Excellent, really easy explained." - J. Flower, Counsellor "I found the course very informative. Excellent!  -- S. White, Integrative Counsellor "Very well delivered and easy to understand." -- Anonymous, Counsellor "Very informative, very interesting and well presented." -- Anonymous, Psychotherapist "Inspired." "Thought-provoking." -- F. Astbury, Counsellor "Very good, informative, eye and mind opening. I wish I had known all that 20 years ago. It would have made my life much easier and successful." --- Anonymous, Sufferer "Excellent course, delivered interestingly. Covered the facts and very informative. Would highly recommend. D. Bedford, Trainee Counsellor Really helped me and I know others who would like to learn the FEAR Model. Great. Enthusiastic. Easy going. Nerve calming delivery. Really friendly. Clear points. Felt really inspired." -- A. Price, Sufferer "Very interesting - brings together aspects of other intervention for GAD and Panic into an easy to use and understand formula" -- M. Parry, Occupational Therapists "Excellent! I will be able to apply the knowledge gained personally first, and also to counter guilt, negativity and fears in patients. Very practical and realistic." Anonymous, Counsellor "The course was extremely helpful and informative. Interesting, excellent and enjoyable. It will enable me to help so many adults and children within the support groups I run." -- J. Morgan, Parent Rep and Support Group Facilitator "Thoroughly enjoyed this course. It has encouraged me to continue in my path to my personal goal." K. Blake, Employment Consultant/Life & Career Coach "Clarity of thoughts and layout. Good to see key knowledge applied systematically." Anonymous, Counsellor "Useful and easy to follow - transferable skills. Delivery was excellent - always good to do activities and humour is always a nice touch." L. Cook, Trainee counsellor "Very useable. I will be using this for clients." D. Harley, Systemic Therapist - Family Institute "Friendly, relatable, funny tutor, confidence delivery. Practical tips and approaches. Very pleased with the course overall. Gained practical knowledge. Will recommend to others." A. Baglow, Bereavement Support Worker/ Associate Counsellor "Very encouraging, very articulate, funny, confident, passionate. Good use of diagrams. Style of teaching was very encouraging and motivating. Good use of group work exercises rattan than just sticking to powerpoint. Relaxing environment." Anonymous, Counsellor "Very interesting. Very informative. Well presented. Wale is passionate about his subject and this is conveyed in this presentation."  D. Davies, Registered Mental Health Nurse "Good information that can be used with clients. Good delivery of course." J. Davies, Counsellor "Informative. Trainer delivered the course at a nice pace. K. O'Connor, Counsellor "F.E.A.R. Model -  easy to understand. Structuring of the course was really good and well presented. I liked the building blocks. Fits the way I think." D. Ryalls, Trainee Counsellor "Easy to use intervention model. I liked how this works with the structures of thoughts and not the content, so that client does not have to go into details over content if they don't want to or do not feel ready to. Having studied Humanistic-Existential Counselling more recently, could make a  lot of connection with this course." E. Ross, Counsellor "It was useful and enjoyable. Great integration of tools e.g, CBT, Biology of belief, Body-Mind Work etc. Great integration of theories for practical application. Wale made the event fun and relaxed."  A. Hunt, Counsellor/ Project Co-ordinator "Sense of humour - well run." P. Mitra, Counsellor "Lovely facilitator. Used real examples and some humour." H.Russo, Volunteer Counsellor "Good introductory workshop. Would be interested to pursue further. Clear teaching." J. Hooper, Counsellor "Very useful model. I can use this personally and with clients. A lot of people need to learn that they have this power. L. Fletcher, Trainee Counsellor "Useful for clients. Excellent presentation. Steps broken down into meaningful bite size pieces." J. Smith, Counsellor "A very good useful technology, making accessible to humanity. It aligns with my thinking. Sharing the good work in the highest content to make an improved human social world. The more the better." Martin, Systemic-Centered Counsellor " Liked the style of presentation." L. Barkle

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