Carnival of Cadiz

1st March 2018 - 8th March 2018 | Cadiz, Spain

About the Carnival of Cadiz 

The city of Cadiz, Spain is famous for the sense of humor of its citizens and the age-old Carnival where authority, politicians, celebrities and the church are parodied and ridiculed with unparalleled skill and wit in comic song. The central figures here are the choirs, or “agrupaciones”, groups of between three and forty singers. Competition is keen, and contestants spend months in preparation ready for the carnival musical showdown. The literary quality of the songs can be very high with only a few musical forms such as the “tango” or “pasodoble” are used, so that everyone knows the tune and can concentrate on the words.

Helpful information about the Carnival of Cadiz 

The carnival is hosted in the city centre of Cadiz, Spain. The nearest airport is Jerez Airport and is approximately 45 kms to Cadiz centre. From the airport you can take the RENFE train, bus M050, M051, M052 or a taxi. There is an abundance of bus services in Cadiz city centre and a current timetable can be obtained from any of the local tourist offices.

Making the most of the Carnival of Cadiz 

As the story goes, the Carnival fun began in the 17th century when the city tried to outdo the opulent carnival celebrations of Venice. The crews of the great Spanish port spread their Carnival song afar, and returned from the New World with the rhythms and musical influences that still dominate the Carnival we have come to love today. African and Creole rhythms, sambas and rustic Colombian tunes all intermingle in the streets with local Andalusian songs and traditional flamenco music.

Where to stay in Cadiz when visiting the Carnival of Cadiz 

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