Carnival Malta

24th April 2018 - 29th April 2018 | Malta, Malta

About Carnival

Carnival in Malta is a popular, colourful & exciting affair, bringing the population onto the streets of Valletta with a week of non-stop festivities. The four-day celebrations includes fancy dress competitions, masquerades and a very well-attended procession through the streets of Valletta. It’s at the parade where you’ll see Maltese traditions come into play, such as the il-Maltija 18th century dance, and local mythical creatures being represented. On an island known for its love of festivals, the locals go all out for Carnival, one of the country’s oldest celebrations. The party goes on long into the night with restaurants and bars serving up tailor made carnival menus for the occasion and clubs staying open late. 

Helpful information about Carnival

Carnival 2017 takes place from 24th to 28th February in various towns around Malta and Gozo. The most popular celebrations will take place in the island’s capital of Valletta. The Carnival parade itself is free to attend but you may have to buy tickets for extra events such as the masked balls and club nights. For post-parade fun, head to the entertainment area of Paceville to party the night away. If you’d like to attend Carnival in Malta, fly in to Malta International Airport in Luqa. From here, take one of the many waiting taxis or make use of the island’s public transport system - buses X1, X2, X3 and X4 will take you to your destination of choice.

Making the most of Carnival

If you’re planning to attend the carnival, make sure you bring a mask with you so that you can feel right at home in the festivities. In common with many other carnivals, masks are an important part of the festivities and history of the event. Despite Malta having a humid and mild climate, it can get fairly cold in February so make sure you bring some warm clothes with you, in addition to the mask! 

Where to stay in Malta for Carnival

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Things to do near Carnival

There is plenty to see and do on the beautiful island of Malta, including: Mdina Old City, Lascaris War Rooms and St. John’s Co-Cathedral. Pay a visit to neighbouring island Gozo to swim in turquoise waters. 

More information about Carnival

To find out more information about the Carnival festivities, please head to the Arts Council website where you’ll be able to find out more details about the carnival parade, stay up to date with the full carnival programme and find details of local venues, tickets and useful addresses.

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