Carnival Dubrovnik

23rd February 2018 - 2nd March 2018 | Dubrovnik, Croatia

About Carnival

The carnival celebrations in the Dalmatian coastal city of Dubrovnik are a week-long explosion of colour and tradition. Officially held between 24th and 28th February, the carnival festivities in fact last at least a week with the entire city gearing up for the main part of the event - the city parade. Carnival week includes a programme of exhibitions, fancy dress competitions and live music and theatre in the city’s streets. Dubrovnik says farewell to carnival week with a flourish - a traditional large banquet followed by a very well-attended costume ball, complete with the obligatory masks, takes place every year. Costumes are usually inspired by the political and local topics of the day or by past tradition. 

Helpful information about Carnival

Dubrovnik Carnival will take place from 24th to 28th February 2017 in the popular Dalmatian city. For more information about the programme of events, head to the official tourist website. The parade itself and the costume competitions around the city are free to enter. However, tickets are required for the masked ball and the traditional banquet. If you’d like to attend the carnival festivities, fly into Dubrovnik International Airport in Čilipi which is some 16 kilometres from the city centre. To get into town, you can either jump in one of the many waiting taxis or use a shuttle bus service, such as AutoTrans, to take you into the city.

Making the most of Carnival

If you’re planning to travel to children, you’ll love Dubrovnik Carnival as the entire public parade is perfect for the whole family. Watch as troupes of schoolchildren are transformed into fairytale characters parading down Stradun, generally recognised as the city’s most beautiful street, thoroughly enjoying being the centre of attention. The children’s costume competition is one of the locals’ highlights of carnival and is fiercely contested - it’s certainly an entertaining spectacle. 

Where to stay in Dubrovnik for Carnival

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Things to do near Carnival

Make sure you book plenty of time to check out the sights around Dubrovnik, including: Fort Lovrijenac, Franciscan Monastery and Korcula Island. 

More information about Carnival

To find out more information about the Carnival festivities, please head to the Dubrovnik Tourist Board’s website where you’ll be able to find out more details about the carnival parade, stay up to date with the full carnival programme and find details of local venues, tickets and useful addresses. 

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