Burning Man

26th August 2018 - 3rd September 2018 | Black Rock Desert, Nevada, United States

About Burning Man

The mother of all self-sufficient festivals, Burning Man is on the must-do list of every non-mainstream festival-goer. Taking its name from the effigy which is traditionally burnt on the Saturday evening of the festival, Burning Man first started on a Californian beach in 1986. It’s since moved to the Nevada desert where a temporary metropolis called Black Rock City is erected each year. With its set of ten principles that participants are expected to follow, including using as little cash as possible, Burning Man is about as far from a corporate festival as you’re likely to get. Expect incredible art installations, last-minute music line-ups and hardcore creativity! 

Helpful information about Burning Man

Burning Man takes place in the temporarily-constructed Black Rock City in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. As such, it’s not a festival you can simply rock up to with little preparation: the only things you can buy when you get there are coffee and ice and so you need to make sure you bring everything with you. Check out the website for more details. To get to the festival, fly in to Reno-Tahoe international airport. From there, fly directly to Black Rock City, take the bus or take part in a car share. It’s a bit of a trek but it’s definitely worth it! You can buy tickets for the festival here.

Making the most of Burning Man

If you’re planning to head to Burning Man with 65,000 other ‘Burners’ (as the festival attendees are known), you’re in for a once in a lifetime experience. Once you’ve made the epic journey to get there, you’ll find a city where everyone willingly cleans up after themselves and is self-reliant yet giving - most revellers report that it restores their faith in a sense of community. But let’s not forget the entertainment - from giant spiders to huge illuminated moving unicorns, the art is from another world. And in terms of music, there’s a diverse vibe: electronic acts such as François K, DJ Tennis, Guy Gerber have played as have Lou Reed, Maurice Gibb and Ike Turner.

Where to stay in Reno for Burning Man

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Things to do near Burning Man

If you’re heading to Nevada for this unforgettable festival, why not stay a little longer to check out the sights of this unique part of the world, including: check out a baseball game at the Reno Aces Ballpark; visit the National Automobile Museum; and head down to Las Vegas for a punt on the casinos.

More information about Burning Man

To find out more information about Burning Man, please head to the official website where you’ll be able to check out the festival location, see photos of the festival, find out all the latest news on the Burning Man 2018 line-up and buy tickets for the festival.

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