Biosphere Roller Skate

1st September 2018 - 30th September 2018 | Portugal, Portugal

About the Biosphere Roller Skate (Dates to be confirmed)

The Biosphere Roller Skate is an international Speed Skating tournament which takes place in the lush mountains of Ribeira do Faial on the Atlantic island of Madeira. Now in its fifth edition, the tournament attracts around 300 athletes from all over the globe to battle it out over the 1,000-metre distance. The event comes at the end of the competitive speed skating season and is popular amongst the athletes as they get to enjoy some post-season rest and recuperation on one of Europe’s most beautiful islands. The three-day event ends with a huge party to which all are welcome. 

Helpful information about the Biosphere Roller Skate

The Biosphere Roller Skate takes place each year in September. If you’d like to attend this international competitive event, check out Eventful Stays for a wide range of places to stay. The easiest way to travel to the tournament is to fly into Madeira Airport which is served by a number of airlines within Europe and the UK. From the Airport, jump on the Aerobus shuttle to Funchal and then take one of the three daily buses from Funchal to Santana. 

Making the most of the Biosphere Roller Skate

If you’re planning to attend the speed skating event, whether as a participant or a spectator of this unique sport, make sure you book a long enough trip to check out some of the island’s other sporting activities. Madeira’s breathtaking surroundings make it a perfect destination for plenty of outdoor sports. The island’s mountains and canyons attract plenty of avid rock-climbing and canyoning enthusiasts. With its warm seas and beautiful waters, bodyboarders and surfers flock to the island’s coastline as do sailors and divers, attracted by the diverse sea life which includes turtles, dolphins and whales. Make sure you take a dip in the turquoise waters of the Porto Moniz pools, natural pools which were formed by volcanic lava. 

Where to stay in Madeira for the Biosphere Roller Skate

Make the most of your visit to Madeira for this great sporting event by staying in the perfect rental accommodation for you. Book with Eventful Stays and you can choose to stay in apartments, bed and breakfasts, studios, cottages, townhouses or flats, all within easy reach of the Santana track via public transport. Check out our accommodation in Madeira

Things to do near the Biosphere Roller Skate

While you’re in Madeira, you’ll find that there’s plenty to see on this beautiful island, including the breathtaking scenery of Monte Palace Tropical Garden and the spectacular views from the peak of Cabo Girao.

More information about the Biosphere Roller Skate (Dates to be confirmed)

To find out more information about this top tournament, please head to the official website where you’ll be able to view videos and photos from the 2017 Biosphere Roller Skate and check the official programme.

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