BBC Proms

13th July 2018 - 8th September 2018 | Royal Albert Hall, London, United Kingdom

About the BBC Proms 2018 

The BBC Proms is a series of summer classical music concerts held in key venues in London, predominantly at Kensington’s Royal Albert Hall. Established in 1895, the Proms are a famous London tradition which sees over 70 concerts taking place around the capital. The most famous of these is the Last Night of the Proms which is broadcast on radio and TV and which features classical music’s most famous pieces together with rousing British works, making this event one of the most British that you’ll come across. Concert-goers, some of whom can be lucky enough to get a ticket for no more than £5, are encouraged to bring British flags and balloons in a rare display of British patriotism.

Helpful information about the BBC Proms 2018 

If you’d like to attend the BBC Proms, be prepared to be on the ball as all events are notorious for selling out quickly. You can purchase tickets from the BBC Proms website or in person at the Royal Albert Hall.  You can also buy tickets on the day of the concert, known as ‘promming’ - see below. Although some concerts, particularly on the last night are held at other venues, most of the performances take place in the historic Royal Albert Hall. You can plan your journey to the venue here, with your nearest tube stations being South Kensington and High Street Kensington, both around a ten-minute walk away.

Making the most of the BBC Proms 2018 

The BBC Proms are traditionally known as a very democratic event due to the tradition of ‘promming’. This requires arriving early on the day of the concert and queuing up at the Royal Albert Hall to pay in cash for your ticket for that night’s show. This allows you to attend some of classical music’s top performances in one of the world’s greatest venues for a fraction of the reserve price. Be an early bird and you might get to listen to everything from orchestral renditions of Latin music to Tchaikovsky’s piano concertos…for just £6!

Where to stay in London for the BBC Proms 2018 

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Things to do near the BBC Proms 2018 

If you’re spending time in London for the Proms, make sure you visit some of the area’s other spectacular sights. South Kensington, the home of the Royal Albert Hall, is also the location for some of the capital’s best museums. Take a stroll around the streets and you’re sure to stumble upon The Science Museum and The Natural History Museum. You may also like to do a bit of light shopping at Harrods, just around the corner in Knightsbridge.

More information about the BBC Proms 2018 

To find out more information about the Proms, please have a look at the official website where you’ll be able to find out about the full schedule, how to get 2018 BBC Proms tickets as well as where to view the Proms planner and programme.

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