Aqui Acolá Festival

1st May 2018 - 31st May 2018 | Madeira, Portugal

About Aqui Acolá Festival (Dates to be confirmed)

Aqui Acolá is a four-day cultural festival in Madeira’s Ponta da Sol celebrating seven artistic disciplines over nine stages. This colourful festival shines a spotlight on music, textiles, dance, theatre, literature, cinema and photography, showcasing the island’s best talents in these important cultural fields. The festival features a wide variety of workshops in all of these disciplines. This includes the historic, such as traditional Madeiran folklore dancing as well as the modern, such as DJing and the digital arts. Nine stages are set up in the centre of the town where live concerts will keep you entertained throughout the evening.

Helpful information about Aqui Acolá Festival

Aqui Acolá takes place in early May in the Southern district of Ponta da Sol in Madeira. The festival is free to enter and features a diverse programme of live music and exhibitions. The festival takes place at a variety of venues around the town, such as the John dos Passos Auditorium and the Largo do Pelourinho - have a look at the festival website to check the venues. If you’re planning to attend the festival, make sure you check out the programme and book your place on one of the many exciting workshops, which range from Expressive Painting to Cooking to Photography. To get to the festival, fly in to Madeira International Airport and either take a taxi or hop on a local bus to Ponta da Sol. 

Making the most of Aqui Acolá Festival

Aqui Acolá is likely to coincide with some great weather in Madeira. If you’re planning on attending the cultural festival, make sure you allocate some time on the beach as May signifies the transition from spring to summer on the island. This means that the likelihood of rain is slim with temperatures averaging 20 degrees Celsius. Make sure you venture out and about to visit some of the island’s fantastic natural sights, such as the Monte Palace Tropical Garden which is an explosion of exotic plants and trees. 

Where to stay in Madeira for Aqui Acolá Festival

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Things to do near Aqui Acolá Festival

While you’re planning your trip to Madeira, you’ll find that there’s plenty to see and do on this historic island, including: the exotic Monte Palace Tropical Garden, Levada Caldeiraio Verde and Santa Catarina Park. Make sure you taste some of the famous Madeira Wine at the local vineyards during your stay.

More information about Aqui Acolá Festival

If you’re looking for more information about this cultural festival, please check out the festival’s website where you’ll be able to find out the dates for the 2018 festival, view the venues and book workshops.

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