AFL Grand Final

30th September 2017 | Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia

About the AFL Grand Final, Melbourne

Australian rules football is a game that is quite unique to Australia. The high contact sport is played on an oval pitch, following origins that combine elements of rugby and soccer. Points are scored when the ball travels through the upright posts. With 18 players on each team the game is physically demanding, fast paced and with high scores making for an exciting experience. The AFL Grand Final brings the season to a close and is played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Having first been held in 1898 the AFL Grand Final is the biggest sporting event in Australia.

Helpful information about the AFL Grand Final, Melbourne

Getting to the AFL Grand Final, the nearest airport is Melbourne Airport. There are numerous options to reach the city, with journey times taking no more than 40-minutes. The Skybus will cost $19 and runs 24 hours a day. The Melbourne Cricket Ground is then a 15-minute walk from the city centre. There are various price categories based on the different sections of the ground. Standing and entry level prices are due to be between $25 and $35. Reserved seating is available from $40 and grand final packages are also available. There are discounts for concessions, juniors and AFL members.

Making the most of the AFL Grand Final

It is recommended that you register online in advance when applying for tickets. Initial sales are through a ballot system. The best seats are in the goal areas, or budget standing options are available. There are however plenty of tickets reserved for purchasing on the day. The event also offers family discounts, or you can upgrade to a hospitality package. With the sport being unlike any other, watch previous games before you travel or read up on the rulebook to widen your understanding and enjoyment. Australia has a number of custom restrictions so check the government site before packing your bags.

Where to stay in Melbourne for the AFL Grand Final

If you are planning to visit Melbourne for the AFL Grand Final, choose from a selection of houses and apartments, flats, studios and more near to the Melbourne Cricket Ground. If you are staying in the city centre, the ground is in walking distance, or it is easy to get around by public transport.

Things to do in Melbourne near the AFL Grand Final

As well as the Australian rules football, watch a game of cricket or book a tour of the ground. Take a ride on the free City Circle Tram, discover the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens or Port Campbell National Park, visit Melbourne Museum and the animals at Melbourne Zoo.

More information about the AFL Grand Final

For more details about the AFL Grand Final and the Australian Football League, including: AFL news, teams, fixtures, tickets, statistics, where to watch Australian football on television and video highlights, match replays and much more, visit the official AFL website.

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