Hotel v Holiday Rental – important things to consider


Whether you are planning to travel for leisure or business, you will find a wide choice of hotel rooms and holiday home rentals to suit your needs.

Some important things to consider before deciding where to stay include:

Daily cleaning

If you stay in a hotel your room will be cleaned on a daily basis. In a self-catering house or apartment that task comes down to you. However, you may feel more comfortable in a place where you will have no interruptions and you can leave your personal belongings lying around.

Towels & bed linens

In a hotel you will have towels and linens changed as often as you want. In a holiday home your sheets and towels will be there until the end of your stay, although you can wash them yourself. An on-call towel service may be a bonus, but so is having your own washer and dryer.

Staff help

Your holiday rental owner or management company may be at the end of the telephone to help you out with any problems, but hotel reception is just downstairs.

Help may require a longer period of time to arrive if you are staying in a house rather than a hotel, based simply on distance.


House rental agents and hotels operate differently when it comes to check-in. Hotels will usually have your credit card number when booking and you pay on arrival. Holiday home owners often take a deposit when booking and the remainder on arrival. Research both to find out which system best suits your requirements.


Hotel and holiday rentals offer different spaces. Although a hotel will have plenty of common areas, including reception, bars, restaurants etc., it is unlikely to offer the privacy and ‘home from home’ feel of a rental apartment or house. Many holiday rentals have patios or gardens to enjoy. If you are looking for luxury accommodation, a hotel is probably more your style, while a holiday home offers a more private environment.


Although hotels offer 24 hour a day service, they are meeting places for larger groups of people, and with that in mind, may be noisy at night. A holiday home rental is likely to offer more peace and quiet than a busy hotel.


You may have to adhere to hotel restaurant opening times, whereas in a holiday home, you can eat and drink at your own leisure. Holiday rental properties will always offer a kitchen and all the utensils you need to cook a meal. If you prefer to be less ‘hands-on’ however a hotel will cater to your every whim.

Length of stay

While hotels accept bookings for one night, holiday home rentals are intended for longer stays – often a minimum of 4-7 nights. This often makes the self-catering option better value.

If you are looking for a small hotel, a B&B or a self-catering house or apartment rental, Eventful Stays offers a wide choice of accommodation around the world.