The best street markets in London


There’s no better way of experiencing the vibrant life of London than to visit one of its street food markets.

Here are ten of the best:

Borough Market

Borough Market is indeed the place to go for specialty ingredients like Spanish iberico bellota ham and Mexican guajillo chilli. The queues outside Kappacasein’s raclette stand, which serves freshly melted Swiss raclette and toasted cheese sandwiches – says it all!

Maltby Market

If you are wanting to avoid long queues and milling tourists, hop on to the Jubilee line to Bermondsey where this market has settled in amongst the railway arches of southeast London in the Ropewalk. It boasts an incredible array of top-notch food sellers.

Brixton Village Market

It is located in an old covered market arcade and you will find Brixton favourites like Honest Burgers and the free range fried chicken restaurant Wishbone as well as some of Brixton Village’s best known and tastiest food stands.

Broadway Market

Broadway Market is Hackney’s foodie hub. This hugely successful Saturday market is on the edge of London Fields in East London. It has lots of new food stalls serving local produce including gorgeous pork BBQ, pork belly banh mi and catfish fillet.

Netil Market

This is the younger sibling of the ever popular Broadway Market, also located near London Fields. It offers traditional Taiwanese street snack. Such as the BAO bun which uses slow braised pork belly wrapped up in a steamed bun which makes for a bite-sized treat packed with tasty flavourful goodness.

Food Cart Pods | KERB and Street Feast

KERB and Street Feast are the best at bringing the street food trend to the British capital. They feature a rotating roster of the city’s mobile food traders, including some of London’s most exciting innovators of street food such as – Yum Bun, Sorbitium and Pizza Pilgrim.

Exmouth Market

This wonderful market is nestled in the heart of the narrow winding lanes of Clerkenwell. It is also near the Sadler’s Wells theatre.  Here you can find pop-up food stalls serving gourmet food such as gorgeously wrapped Mexican burritos with ancho peppers and refried beans.

Billingsgate Fish Market

This is located in the east end of London and is one of London’s oldest markets. In the 16th century, Billingsgate developed into a market specialising in the fish trade and by the mid-19th century was the largest fish market in the world. In 1982 it moved from its historic location on the River Thames to a far larger location in Poplar with all the fishmongers serving the day’s fresh catch!

Broadway Market and Schoolyard Market

This part of Hackney is rich in weekend markets but this Market has the largest collection of food stalls, several of the regulars with restaurants elsewhere in Hackney, including the vegetarian Indian Gujurati Rasoi. Schoolyard Market’s a bit more self-contained and serves favourites such as fried Neapolitan-style pizza from Na Pizza Fritt and the flamboyant fillings of Crosstown Donuts.

Leather Lane Market

Leather lane Market lacks all of the pretensions that the other markets boast of! It may look a tad scruffy but it is “down to earth” and serves a variety of delicious cheap street eats. There are also plenty of fruit and vegetable stalls. Do note – It is only open weekdays 10:00 – 14:00. London accommodation