Here are 10 places to visit in Sant Andreu, Barcelona


Away from the city centre in the north of Barcelona, is the district of Sant Andreu. It may not be a tourist trap, but there’s still plenty to see, here are 10 places to visit while you’re in the area.

Jardins Joaquim Passi

Every so often it’s good to escape city life, it may not be the biggest park in Barcelona but the Jardins Joaquim Passi are just as relaxing. Take a walk through the gardens, the highlight being a large pond separated by a pathway. If you look carefully, you can see the turtles swimming in the water.

Sant Pau Recinte Modernista

This old hospital was built and designed under the guidance of famous architect Lluis Domenech I Montaner. As well as an intricate design, dating back to the 1400’s, the exhibitions within Sant Pau uncover the history of one of Europe’s oldest healthcare institutions.

Museu Arxiu de Sant Andreu de Llavaneres

Converted from an 18th century farmhouse, this museum is an eclectic archive of all things related to the 19th century. As well as ceramic works, toys, glass and cameras there’s also an art gallery. The 2nd floor dedicated to painters from the Llavaneres.

Club de Golf Llavaneras

If you’ve brought your clubs with you for a golfing holiday or want to hire a set, then take them for a game at Llaveneras. The 18 hole course is in a beautiful location on the coast. When you’ve finished your round there’s a restaurant on site overlooking the Mediterranean.

Chalet Alfaro

This impressive chalet is another example of some of the famous architecture in Barcelona. Open to the public, check online for details of any exhibitions.

Parc de Can Riviere

If you’re on the go and just want a sit down, maybe stop for a quick picnic or let the children have a run-a-round then take some time out at this communal park. Surrounded by a busy Catalan neighbourhood, it provides the local children a play area.

Le Bar a Vins

One of many benefits about not being in the tourist district is that you easily have a drink with the locals. Le Bar a vins is just one of several wine bars.

Iglesia Parroquial

If you’re of religious faith or just interested in seeing local places of interest, pass by this quaint little church. Respect the local community, for it is fully operational.

Parque de la Llorita

Slightly off the beaten track, take a seat on the picnic benches underneath the trees and enjoy a peaceful lunch. It may not be much but sometimes you just need some alone time before heading back off on your journey.

Can Sune

Finding a traditional Catalan restaurant in the area may be harder than you expect, but at Can Sune you won’t be disappointed. For a taste of the Mediterranean and popular Spanish dishes book in advance.

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