Have a Guinness in 10 popular Irish Bars in Barcelona


Wherever you travel around the world, you will never be too far from a traditional Irish pub. Here in Barcelona it is no different, so why not have a Guinness in these 10 popular Irish Bars.

P Flaherty’s Irish Bar

Just around the corner from Las Ramblas P Flaherty is a popular one among tourists. As well as showing football matches from the Premiership and international games, you can also keep up with all the action from Irelands Gaelic Football.


Homemade pies and a pint of the black stuff, what more could you ask for? Well arrive at Shenanigans early enough and you can grab a traditional Irish fry up for breakfast.

The George Payne

If you’re looking to watch the big game, then the George Payne Irish Bar attracts football fans from all over the world. It’s also a great place to mix with locals when it comes to the Barcelona matches.

Wild Rover

With 2 giant screens along with 6 large televisions, watching football, horse racing or the big fight couldn’t be easier than at the Wild Rover. As with many Irish bars, they also have regular live folk music.

The Temple Bar

Named after Dublin’s famous party district, the Temple Bar brings a bit of the Irish capital to Barcelona. The ornate décor will be a feast for your eyes, while the restaurant menu will fill you up with breakfasts, burgers and tapas.

Ryan’s Irish Pub

You will find a handful of Ryan’s Irish Pubs dotted about the city, with the sole aim of all 3 to make you feel welcome. That and serve you more of your favourite Irish stout.

Dunne’s Irish Bar

When Dunne’s Irish Bar first opened, it was as much a work of restoration as it was a business proposition. Now, some years on, it has all been worth it. Pride with every detail in order to create the perfect Irish pub.

The Michael Collins Irish Bar

If you’re looking for somewhere to kick off the week, then Monday’s at The Michael Collins Irish Bar is live music night. Expect to hear traditional folk music, in the communal way of just sitting around the table for a good ole fashioned Irish jig.

Scobies Pub and Kitchen

Located next to Placa Catalunya Scobies Irish Pub attract just as many locals as they do from their Irish counterparts. The pub arose from the ashes of Scobies in Ireland, so it’s no wonder then that its owners know how to make you feel at home.


They may not be sticking to the stereotypes when it comes to their name, but the owners of Fastnet are still proud of their Irish roots. No gimmicks, but a clear nod to their homeland with Guinness and Irish coffees readily available.

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