Fashion Shopping in El Born with These 10 Popular Boutiques


If you’re taking a walk along La Rambla, or investigating the Gothic Quarter then you will soon come across the El Born neighbourhood. If you’re fashion shopping in Barcelona, then take a look at these 10 popular boutiques.


This outlet specialises in the works of designer Rosa Esteva. Often simple, yet elegant, fashionable but full of life. If you’re planning on getting married, then you these characteristics carry through to Cortana’s bridal range.

Anna Povo

If it’s an eye-catching summer dress you’re after or wanting to wrap up warm for winter, Anna Povo has it all. Their selection may change throughout the seasons, but whatever time of year you will find something suitable.


When it comes to footwear, the shoes available at Vialis are as exclusive as they come. Many are handmade, so chances are you won’t see the same pair twice. What’s more, you can feel proud to be wearing a pair crafted locally as you walk around the streets of Barcelona.

Iriarte Iriarte

Artistic designs from Argentina, although everything is made here in Barcelona. Hand crafted, bespoke handbags, satchels and clutches. Iriarte Iriarte may not be cheap, but you certainly pay for quality, high-end fashionable accessories.


Paying homage to Barcelona’s Catalan heritage, at Ivory you will only find local designs. This little store is the perfect place to take home something a little more sentimental than taken straight from the high street.


With the advertising slogan of “Born to be Beautiful”, Coquette take pride in their locations within the city. Hosting two separate stores, the interior to both is kept simple, the items on sale left to do the talking.


If you’re looking for a dress for that special day, whether it be your wedding or a dinner party, then L’arca have plenty to choose from. With many designs influenced by the 1930’s, old doesn’t have to mean dated.

Miriam Ponsa

With high end fashion straight from the catwalk, Miriam Ponsa has two stores open in Barcelona. If you’re shopping in El Born, make sure you see what latest designs are hanging from the rails.

Natalie Capell

This little boutique courtesy of designer Natalie Capell can be found in the backstreets of El Born. Influenced by the mystique of the 1920’s, there’s a touch of old fashioned glamour brought into the modern world.

Le Swing

The term “vintage” is thrown around all too easily sometimes, but with Le Swing you get exactly that. Don’t however expect any old second-hand shop, this store really is for those who are passionate about vintage fashion.

Wherever you stay in the city, you will find it easy to reach the El Born neighbourhood. So why not check out our accommodation in Barcelona, where you will find a range of villas, apartments, hotels, B&B’s and much more.