Explore some of the top 5 islands near to Dubrovnik


If you’re staying in Dubrovnik longer than just a day or two, you might want to go for an adventure and explore some of the islands nearby. Here are the top five!


Here you will see spectacular nature, rocky beaches and fabulous park. However, there is also the Game of Thrones center overlooking the Dead. If you take walk, take pictures of the peacocks (island’s only inhabitants), or go back in time by exploring the Benedictine monastery. To get there you can take a taxi-boat in the Old Town harbor. It only takes 15 minutes and the boats run every half an hour. The ticket costs about 10 €.


This is part of the Elaphiti island and might not be as historically enriched as Lokrum, but it certainly has its charm. It is famous for its gorgeous sandy beaches, but don’t stop at the ones you see right after you disembark the boat. When you take a walk you will notice many remains of early-medieval churches, summer manors and fortifications. You can visit the 15th century Franciscan monastery or the church of Our Lady of Šunj and see many valuable paintings. To get there you can take a boat in the Gruž harbor. It takes about 45 minutes. You can buy tickets (3 €) in the Jadrolinija office across the street.


As it is one of the largest islands in the South Croatia, there are many things to see on the island of Mljet and one day might not be enough, but for a one-day trip you can explore the National Park or go to the island within the island – St Mary. The nature of this island is simply breathtaking as majority is left untouched. There are two salted lakes on the island: the Great and Small Lake and on the small island in the middle of the Great Lake you can find an old Benedictine monastery. To get there you can take a ferry or a high speed in the Gruž harbor. It takes about 50 minutes and the ticket costs about 4€.


This is the sixth largest Adriatic island and is believed to be the homeland of Marco Polo, the worldwide known traveler and explorer. A museum dedicated to his life and work is one of many must-see places while staying on Korčula. While the south side of the island has many small beaches, over 200 caves and fascinating small villages, the City of Korčula is its historical center worth visiting because of its architecture and thick walls reminiscent of Dubrovnik. To get to Korčula you can take a fast ferry (catamaran) for the price of 11€.


This is the largest island in the Elaphiti archipelago. It is a place you go to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. As you may gather, it’s not a major tourist spot which is why it’s perfect for a day at the beach with a good read. There are many architectural monuments from the Middle Ages such as 11th century Church of St John with its frescas or for example the Renaissance Church of the Holy Spirit. To get to Šipan, take a boat or a ferry in the Gruž harbor. It will take about an hour to get there and it will cost you about 3€.