Explore on foot with 5 of the most popular walking tours in Zagreb


What better away to explore this wonderful city than on foot. Discover the true face of Zagreb! See some great street art, bridges and the biggest residential building in this part of Europe. You will even see the border of Napoleon’s provinces! So take to the streets with these 5 popular walking tours of Zagreb:

Zagreb Ghosts & Dragons Tour

This tour takes you on a thrilling journey through Zagreb after dark and introduces you to some of the most eerie places and mystical residents of the city. Visit forgotten graveyards and hear rumours about haunting! Get acquainted with some of Zagreb’s most peculiar characters and see another side of city that the guidebooks don’t mention.

Secret Zagreb Private Walking Tour

Discover Zagreb’s main attractions from a different perspective, hear interesting stories about the city’s past, see what’s hiding behind closed doors and step off the beaten path for a few hours! This walking tour is a great way to get to know the Croatian capital. It covers the main sights, but also takes you to some off-the-beaten-path spots. It will help you make the most of your stay in Zagreb!

Coffee pleasure walking tour in Zagreb

This is a specialized Zagreb “Coffee pleasure tour” since coffee is the most important social thing for Croatians. You can choose between various types of coffee (decaf as well) like espresso, macchiato, Turkish coffee prepared on hot sand, matcha latte or organic ice tea. Then continue to the city centre to explore the most interesting sights that created the city history.

Private Underground City Break & Plitvice lakes & walking tour

This exciting tour takes you on a ride through the beautiful Croatian countryside. 
First stop is the Museum of Homeland war where you will found out what happened 25 years ago and how Croatia became a country as it is today. Next stop is the biggest underground airplane base in this part of Europe where you can walk around.

Illusions of Torture walking tour

Find out what secrets lay beneath the streets, why does the cannon shoot every day at noon, exactly how superstitious were the citizens through history and why is the statue on the main square vibrating. Defy gravity in a room where water flows uphill, see your friend grow or shrink right before your eyes, get lost in a maze of mirrors and serve somebody`s head on a tray.

Museum of Torture

This museum offers an insight into its unique collection of various instruments of torture and execution that have been in use since the ancient times to the present day. See, touch and try exhibits that were used to humiliate torture, injure or execute the victim.