Enjoy the 10 Funniest Comedy Nights in Barcelona


Wherever you are from, it’s always good to have a laugh and in the Catalan capital of Spain things are no different. It may not always be in your native tongue, but here in Barcelona you can enjoy the 10 of the funniest comedy nights at the following events.

Guiriness Comedy

If you head to the Shamrock Irish Bar then you are in for regular English comedy nights. It’s part of the charm of the traditional Irish pub, where Guirness Comedy put on some of the best stand-up comedy in Barcelona. Shows however regularly sell out in advance, so check for availability on line to avoid disappointment.

Barcelona Comedy Festival

With several venues taking part, if you’re visiting Barcelona during the Barcelona Comedy Festival then there’s plenty to laugh about. Although many of the acts will be performing in English, with various comedy on offer keep an eye out for some Spanish humour.

Barcelona Improv Group

Once a month the Barcelona Improv Group put on a show at Tinta Roja, shout out your suggestions and they will add it into the mix. If you want to join in and practice your own routines, then they hold weekly workshops to help you develop your act.

Sala Fizz

As well as live music, this intimate venue hosts regular stand-up comedy nights. The room may be small, but catch it on the right night and you will have a belly full of laughs.

Barcelona English Comedy

If you’re looking to meet like-minded individuals, then Barcelona English Comedy is a popular way to interact with fellow travellers. Welcoming all nationalities with open arms, this English-speaking group organise nights out as well as the opportunity to help write and perform your own material.


With regular open mic events at Pumpage, you never know what to expect. From live music to comedy and magic, it doesn’t matter if you’re used to taking to the stage or a first-time novice. When it comes to having a laugh though, Wednesday nights are dedicated to free stand-up comedy.

Hush Hush Comedy

It’s all very secretive with the Hush Hush Comedy club, so keep an eye online for further details. Comedy nights are in English, but you have to be in the know to find out where and when.

Punch Comedy

Throughout June and July is Punch Comedy season in Barcelona. As to where and when, check the website for listings. If you’re feeling daring, take part in Piranha, their take on a stand-up gameshow.

Just Kidding

The events from Just Kidding pop up at various venues across the city. During the summer season, they’ve been known to team up with Hush Hush. This winning combination provides tourists with a night out to remember.

Stand up Academy

A collection of the best Stand-up comedy acts in Barcelona, if you’re after something Spanish rather than appealing to those from abroad, then the Academy will help you out.