Enjoy a visit to one of the 6 best cafe bars in Dubrovnik


If you are an annual visitor to this beautiful city or if this is your first holiday here, then do check out a selection of the best cafes bars below! What better way after an exhausting day sightseeing than to just sit and relax outside a lovely cafe bar and watch the colourful and interesting world pass by whilst enjoying how it all changes from hour to hour.

Soul Caffe

The drinks here are reasonably priced for the area. The staff are incredibly friendly, and attentive. The best part is the black and white movies they were projecting onto a wall, and the live music that basically accompanied it. The ambience is fantastic if you are looking for some drinks in a very relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Glam Cafe

A lovely cafe to visit after walking round the city walls. This place is perfect, serving nice cold glasses of local wine, beers or great smoothies. Do try their brochettes – simply gorgeous! Also, the cafe is tucked down one of the lanes off the main high street so you manage to escape from the hustle for a while.

Cafe Festival

This is a delightful little gem with a very relaxing atmosphere and exceptional customer se4rvice. The food is fabulous, cooked to perfection and beautifully presented.
Even if you are full after your meal do try and fit in small portion of their wonderful chocolate cheesecake!

Ala Mizerija

This is a special place as it is not so well known and that’s exactly what makes it special! It has a lovely sea views and the prices are more than fair. It is close to the old town so not a lot of walking involved. The service is attentive and very friendly.

Cafe Bar Art

This cafe bar is superb – it is trendy, bright and colourful. The drinks are reasonably priced and it has a pleasant outdoor space serving a good range of alcoholic drinks and not. The cocktails are fantastic – try a Bellini or a Mojito all freshly made and simply gorgeous! Early evening is usually fairly quiet which makes it a great place to chill from the sun.

Caffe night bar Modena

A fantastic cafe bar for warming up before visiting the old town. The service and ambience of the bar is so relaxing. The staff are friendly and greet you warmly. There is a really good choice of freshly made cocktails which are considerably cheaper than bars in the old town. Atractions isn Dubrovnik