Enjoy a visit to one of the 4 best boutique shops in Dubrovnik


Surprisingly, the historic coastal city of Dubrovnik isn’t a shopping metropolis, but its Old Town does have a small number of independent stores, where local artisans, designers and producers sell their wares to holidaymakers in the summer months. Read on to discover the 4 best stylish and independent places to shop in Dubrovnik:

Maria Store (Sv. Dominika bb 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia)

This is undoubtedly the creme-de-la-creme of Dubrovnik’s independant shopping scene! The  Maria Store specialises in high fashion and stocks the latest and greatest garments from international clothing brands. You will see goegeous catwalk quality clothing from Gucci,  Stella MacCartney and Saint Laurent – with the accompanying London/Paris/New York price tags.

Dubrovačka Kuća (Svetog Dominika, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia)

This shop sells high-quality local spirits and wine, olive oil, truffles, handmade soaps, artisan pottery, Dubrovačka Kuća is a one stop shop for classy souvenirs. This small but very cute store also has an upper floor dedicated to kitsch paintings and handiworks from local crafters.

Croata (2 Pred Dvorom (Stari grad), 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia)

This flagship Croata store is the place to buy the famous Croation cravat! Each tie comes in a presentation box with a ‘History of the Tie’ pronouncing Croatia’s claim to the cravat. The shop is full of interesting details of hositorical events and information.

Clara Stones (Nalješkovićeva ul. 8, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia)

Italian craftsman Vittorio Ceccarini opened Clara Stones in 2011, reviving the local tradition of jewellery making with Adriatic red coral. Beautiful, brightly coloured ornaments are its signature style and are all made in the workshop downstairs, which sometimes doubles up as a gallery.

Casa Croatica (Prijeko, Old Town)

The interior of this shop is a gorgeous delight of stone and wood, with lovely old furniture and traditional decor. The atmosphere hits when you walk through the door! There is an excellent selection of olive oil from many Croatian regions including traditional brandy and liqueur, local embroidery, and delicacies made from secret, ancient recipes All the goods are made in Croatia. If you’re a wine lover, experience Croatian wine made from plava mali, the chief red grape used in Croatia’s very old wine-making tradition and take a bottle home!