Eat and go with these 10 street food vendors in Barcelona


It’s not just about Tapas and Sangria when you eat out in Spain. When it comes to fast food it’s not all burgers and fried chicken either, when in Barcelona you can eat and go with these 10 street food vendors.

Macchina Pasta Bar

For a healthier option in the Gothic region of Barcelona, head over to the Macchina Pasta Bar. Just as you’d expect from the name, this is all about pasta. Prices are fairly cheap and the Italian restaurant provides options to eat in or take away.

Wok to Wok

If you fancy something with rice or noodles, then pick up a box from Wok to Wok. Some great Thai food and with several shops around Barcelona, you can eat it pretty much anywhere.


Another chain, this time via Greece. Although strictly speaking, still exclusive to Barcelona. With restaurants in Madrid, Valencia and Manchester, here in Catalan Dionisos have their only take-away branch.


Ok, so sometimes you do need that burger or a hotdog. In which case make it a good one, if you’re in the Gothic Quarter stop by Frankfurt in Plaza Sant Jaume. Open until the early hours of the morning, they’re in a perfect location for a late-night snack on the way home from the bar.


If it’s vegetarian and go in a pita bread, then no doubt you’ll find it at Maoz. An obvious fast food choice for the non-meat eater or if you fancy something a little healthier. Although if you really do have the munchies, there’s always room for desert with their vegan rice pudding.

La Trocadero

Described as urban vegan food, this is another popular choice for vegetarians/vegans and the health conscious. The menu is all about burgers and fries, but without any animals in sight.

Pizza Market

Some of the finest artisan pizzas in Barcelona can be purchased from the Pizza Market, classic fast food on the go. Made fresh to order.

La Taguara Areperia

This fusion of Spanish and Latin American can be found just off the famous street La Rambla. The owners are from Venezuela and opened La Taguara with the intention of bringing some of their family heritage to Barcelona. The result? Well, you’ll just have to try for yourself.

Bo De B

If you see a long queue for sandwiches, you know they’re going to be pretty special. Popular among the locals but located in the heart of the city, Bo De B is a fine choice.

Dos Asnos

They may be modest and plaster “the Good Burrito” under their name on the way in, but with Mexico being renowned for great street food at Dos Asnos you know you’re in for a treat.

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