Visit the 10 most Beautiful Parks in Barcelona


It may be one of Spain’s most populated areas, but you can still get away from busy city life in Barcelona by visiting the 10 most beautiful parks.

Jardines de Joan Brossa

If you’re a keen walker or like a challenging bike ride, then your efforts will be rewarded with some amazing views. From the hill tops you can see across Barcelona, elsewhere the gardens are known for an abundance of natural vegetation.

Guineueta Park

At the base of the park there are more open spaces, suitable for children to run around or to lay out a picnic. You can also find decorative water fountains, while if you venture through the grounds you will come across sport facilities and more.

Parc de Collserola

Over 8,000 hectares of forest stand in Parc de Collserola. Take a walk through the nature trails and discover a number of historical buildings.

Parc de la Ciutadella

There are a number of statues, greenhouses and ponds to find in Parc de la Ciutadella. Monuments feature dragons, elephants and other symbolic creatures. While you’re there, hire a boat and row across the calm lake.

Jardi Botanic de Barcelona

The beautiful botanical garden of Barcelona can be found up in the Montjuic hills. The current gardens surround stadiums used during the Summer Olympic Games back in 1992. In keeping with the global event, the gardens feature plants from around the world.

Park Guell by Gaudi

Take a walk in the park like no other, thanks to Antoni Gaudi. The public park has a series of gardens, mosaics, buildings and an array of other works produced by the great man. It will also remain largely untouched, for it is protected as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Diagonal Mar Park

Once a thriving industrial site, architect Enric Miralles took the reclaimed land, designing an innovative and sustainable landscape. The 14 hectares started to take shape in 2002, soon becoming the 2nd largest park in Barcelona.

Parc del Estacio Del Nord

Another park on reclaimed land, when the Estacio Del Nord railway station closed in 1972 it eventually reopened in 1988 as a public space.

Parque del Laberinto de Horta

If the Spanish sun is getting all too much, then take a walk through shaded paths. Set in a peaceful location, you can relax away from city life without having to go lay on the beach. The hedge maze is also entertaining, take the children and see how long it takes you to escape.

Cervantes Park

This land once collected water from the summit of Saint Pere Martir. The river may now run dry, but it has left a wonderful public space. Plenty of grassland to kick a football, or well-kept trees to sit and read a book in the shade.

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