Vegan friendly café and restaurants near Southside, Edinburgh


With more and more of Scotland’s residents looking for a healthier lifestyle, along with an increasing student population, vegan options are becoming increasingly acceptable. The University of Edinburgh is to the south of the city, while with many visitors coming from elsewhere it’s no wonder there are plenty of options.

We’ve selected just 10 vegan friendly café and restaurants near Southside, Edinburgh.

David Bann Restaurant

Close to the National Museum of Scotland, this vegetarian only restaurant in Southside is a great starting point. All food is cooked on site with fresh ingredients. Apart from the meals, there are some interesting vegan beers available too.

Forest Café

This community run arts and event project in Southside includes its own vegetarian café. Meet likeminded individuals and if you’re a musician, ask about performing too.


Bindi’s regularly host pop-up restaurants in the city centre for non-meat eating diners, making it easy to reach from Southside. As well as offering delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes, you can book your place on a master-class and learn how to cook them yourself.


Enjoy a meat free Indian feast courtesy of Kalpna vegetarian restaurant. Serving traditional sharing mixed grills to eat in, along with popular Indian street food on the go.

Organic Delicious Café

This café is over in Morningside, but worth travelling too. Everything is 100% organic, meat free and good for you. Even the sweat treats aren’t all bad, being made with unrefined/unprocessed sugar.

Café 1505

Next to the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and close to the Festival Theatre, it is easy to find Café 1505. They take pride in knowing exactly where every ingredient has come from and will happily cater for any vegan requirements.

Hendersons Salad Table

Take a seat at the Salad Table, where fresh fruit and vegetables are delivered daily for your perfect vegan feast. From pancakes to platters, lunch or dinner, there are plenty of healthy options on offer.

The Baked Potatoe Shop

Located near to the Royal Mile, making it an ideal stop and go for tourists. This is purely vegetarian and vegan. Specialising in jacket potatoes, affectionately referred to as “tatties” this side of the boarder.

Novapizza Vegetarian Kitchen

As per the name, Novapizza specialise in vegetarian and vegan pizzas. Closed Tuesdays, but open the rest of the week 12.30pm to 9.30pm. They’re only small so book a table, or take advantage of their take away service.

Real Food

Not so much a café or restaurant, but if you’re staying somewhere self-catering this is a great store for vegans. Everything is either vegetarian or vegan friendly, which makes it easier than going through ingredients listings at the supermarket.

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