Top 10 places to keep fit in Queensferry near Edinburgh


If you’re in Queensferry visiting or planning to move to the area, then where to keep fit in Queensferry could be an important factor among the health conscious. You may need to look at heading into Edinburgh city centre for more standard gym choices, but Queensferry still has plenty of options.

Queensferry High Recreation Centre

As part of the Queensferry High School, members of the public can make use of the facilities. The Queensferry High Recreation Centre is open after school hours until late, or from 9 to 5 over the weekends. There’s an indoor swimming pool, fitness classes and a compact 16 station gym.

Queensferry Sports & Community Hub

At the Queensferry Sports & Community Hub you can buy a monthly pass to the Strength and Conditioning Gym, specialising in weights and cardio. Other facilities include 5-a-side Astro Turf pitches, full size football and rugby pitches, tennis courts and more.

UKTC Taekwondo

Officially recognised by the United Kingdom Taekwondo Council, martial arts classes are available for all abilities. It isn’t just a contact sport, for it is well documented as being positive for both body and mind.

Little Tiger Cubs

Specifically aimed at 3-5 year olds, the Little Tiger Cubs helps give youngsters confidence as well as a desire to keep fit. If you have an active little one, then take them along and they too can learn Taekwondo.

Barnton Bootcamp

There are a selection of programmes available depending on what you want to get out of your experience. The term “boot camp” often conjures up images of army sergeants screaming at you as you struggle to survive, but at Barnton Bootcamp it’s far more about having fun with great results.

Incholm Park

This public park is popular among Queensferry residents as a place to relax but also for personal fitness. Take a gentle stroll or go for a run, your time is your own.

Gym 64

Although you will need to travel to Dunfirmline to use Gym 64, it is only a short trip across the iconic Forth Bridge. Which if you are staying in Queensferry is a journey to tick off your holiday bucket list.

Focussed Fitness

Another one the other side of the water, Focussed Fitness provide programmes to all levels of fitness fanatics. That said, if you’re only just starting out don’t expect an easy ride. They offer classes which include Caveman Circuit Training and High Intensity Interval Training.

The Yoga

You will only need to step off the bridge and you will be at the Yoga. A style of exercise that has been around for over 5,000 years is beneficial to both the mind and body.

Living Well Health Club

Located within Edinburgh Airport if you’re flying into the city you have no excuse to avoid your work-out routine. The facilities are varied and you don’t need to be a member, just pay as you go.