Top 10 most popular Sherlock Holmes attractions in London


Are you a Sherlock Holmes fan – then visit one of the top 10 Sherlock Holmes Attractions London:

Take a Stroll Down Baker Street

Baker Street is features strongly with Sherlock Holmes and has appeared in many of the character’s films and television series. It is the location of 221b Baker Street — Sherlock’s apartment and laboratory.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum

Once you find 221b Baker Street, you will discover it is actually a Sherlock Holmes Museum. The ground floor is filled with various antiques and knick knacks from around London while the top floor contains a huge amount of Sherlock Holmes memorabilia.

Madame Tussauds

This world famous wax museum contains two different versions of Sherlock Holmes. It has a wax figure of Robert Downey Jr’s version of Sherlock Holmes and one of Benedict Cumberbatch, from the BBC television series. It gives Sherlock Holmes fans a great opportunity to take their photo alongside their favourite version of the character!

Sherlock Holmes Walking Tour

This 2-hour tour is an excellent way to see the most important Sherlock Holmes sights in a short space of time. It departs from the former site of the Criterion restaurant (now the Savini restaurant) on Piccadilly Circus and ends at The Strand.

The Sherlock Holmes Pub

This beautiful old pub has retained many of the features of a traditional Victorian tavern. It serves some of the best pub food in London and is a perfect place for Sherlock Holmes fans to have lunch or dinner.

Visit the Lyceum Theatre

This is a great place to visit after having lunch at the Sherlock Holmes Pub! This West End theatre was featured in the Sherlock Holmes book The Sign of the Four, published in 1890.

Speedy’s Cafe

If you are a fan of the recent BBC series, you may already know that it is filmed on North Gower Street. In the BBC television series Holmes and Watson often frequent a cafe on the street called Speedy’s Cafe. It has become a popular spot for fans of the series and they make lovely Sherlock Holmes themed food!

The Savini Restaurant in Piccadilly

The Criterion restaurant was replaced by Savini in 2015. This Milanese restaurant offers exceptional food and one of the best fine dining experiences in London. While at the restaurant check out the plaque which commemorates the spot where Holmes and Watson first met.

The St Barts Hospital

This hospital is featured twice in the BBC adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. In season 1, it is the location where Sherlock and Holmes first meet. In season 2, it is the building from which Sherlock Holmes seemingly falls to his death.

Café Royal

In the book The Adventure of the Illustrious Client, Sherlock Holmes almost loses his life outside this café. He is attacked by two men with sticks but Sherlock manages to fight them off! This venue has a long and illustrious history, attracting many famous writers over the years including Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw.