The top 10 free tours in London


If you are on a budget then check out 10 of the best free tours in London:

Walk in the footsteps of the Beatles at Abbey Road

If you are a Beatles fan – then why not recreate the famous album cover by the’ Fab Four’ who recorded their material at the Abbey Road studios. It is located right beside the most famous traffic crossing in the world!

Watch Big Ben strike

This occurs at 12 (either 12:00pm or 12:00am)! Take yourself to Parliament Square to make the most of hearing Big Ben chime at the top of the hour. The most famous clock in the world has been letting Londoner’s know the time for well over a century. You cannot leave London without hearing Big Ben.

The Houses of Parliament

Situated inside the Palace of Westminster, this is the legislative body for the United Kingdom.  Any time the House of Lords or the House of Commons are at work, it is free for the public to enter the building and sit in the public galleries to watch the political debates. Do be aware they may close the doors to the public without notice at any time and visitors may be reduced at very busy times.

Take in a free concert

This is held in the historic church of St. Martin’s-in-the-Fields; weekly classical concerts are performed here and are totally free to attend! Each concert lasts around 45 minutes and you only need to arrive around 10 minutes in advance to locate an excellent seat.

The Changing of the Guard

No trip to London would be complete without watching the Changing of the Guard Ceremony. You can either take a Westminster Tour, or take in the ceremony yourself for free and enjoy one of the most fabulous displays of pageantry you will ever see!

Guide yourself through Greenwich

Greenwich is fast becoming one of the most well-known boroughs of London with enough museums to keep you busy for weeks. ! Learn about British maritime and Tutor history all while enjoying breathtaking views of London.  It is also home to one of the best London markets.

A self-guided London bus tour

London buses are cheap and easy to use, and once you know where you’re going you will find that you can do some excellent sightseeing whilst riding the bus – at no extra cost! Take a look at routes RV1, 9 and 15 which pass some of the most popular sites in town: Kensington Palace, Trafalgar Square and the Tower of London (to name a few).

The Ceremony of the keys

For the past 700 years the gates to the world famous Tower of London have been locked every night in a process known as the Ceremony of the Keys. You can apply in advance – FOR FREE – to attend the ceremony and see for yourself one of the oldest continued traditions in the United Kingdom.

Visit St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey

Both these churches hold services on weekday evenings and throughout the day on Sundays that are FREE for the public to attend. Guests at the services are not allowed to wander throughout the building (meaning no audio tours, or taking in the museums and memorials throughout both churches) However, you can come inside and sit in the main body to partake in a church service. GO

Visit a museum

The majority of the national museums are free for the public to visit. Although exhibitions may cost additional money, entrance to the museums and into the primary gallery space comes at absolutely no extra cost. You could easily spend days simply exploring all the museums and galleries London.