The top 10 food markets in London


Looking for some of the best food markets in London? Choose from our list of the top 10 food markets all around the capital:

Brixton Village Market – Brixton

This is located in an old covered market arcade and is becoming one of London’s great foodie hot spots and has definitely revitalised the Brixton area. Here you can find popular Brixton dishes and tasty food stands serving delicious textured sourdough crust pizzas.

Broadway Market – Hackney

This hugely successful Saturday market on the edge of London Fields in east London nearly collapsed in the early 2000s, but the passion in the area for local produce in 2004 led to new food stalls, a speciality being the pork BBQ and pork belly dishes.

Netil Market – Hackney

This is the younger sibling of the ever popular Broadway Market, also located near London Fields,  offering not only the usual London market fare but has stalls selling vintage clothing, furniture, and jewellery. You could probably spend a day wandering about here.

Exmouth Market – Clerkenwell

This market is nestled in the heart of the narrow winding lanes of Clerkenwell. It is an after-work favourite as it is only minutes away from the Sadler’s Wells theatre, one of London’s fantastic performing arts venues.

Billingsgate Fish Market – Poplar

Billingsgate Fish Market is one of London’s oldest markets dating back to the 16th century, it developed into a market specialising in the fish trade and by the mid-19th century was the largest fish market in the world.

Leather Lane Market

This street is filled with tempting meals that are ready to be eaten there and then and the variety on offer is spectacular making it very hard to choose a dish! However, regardless of what your personal preferences are, you will definitely find something you like along this street.

Greenwich Market

This is not as big as Borough market but do not be put off by the size as it is by no means a reflection of the diversity of delicious foods that are on offer. You can always combine it with a day out in beautiful Greenwich.

Partridges Food Market

This is perhaps one of the fancier food markets and so perhaps it’s not as typically “street-food-y” as some of the other markets but it’s definitely worth a visit! The atmosphere is lovely just wandering around looking at the high quality foods.

Dalston Food Market

This is one market that attracts so many visitors (everyone from toddlers to pensioners will find something they like here); it also has live entertainment on offer, lots of banter from the stall holders – brilliant just to immerse yourself in old London.

Berwick Street Market

This is a centrally located market and dates back to 1830. There’s a lot of other stuff on offer here in addition to the gorgeous food and tasty samples for you to try.