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The 10 top most unusual things to do in London


Try doing something a bit different – check out the 10 top most unusual things to do in London:

Lady Chasity’s Reserve

If you’re looking for a quirky thing to do then head to The Four Thieves Pub in West London and really take a giant leap outside of your comfort zone. Perfect for a group of friends or colleagues, Lady Chasity’s Reserve taps into the ever-expanding games industry, offering London’s bravest revellers an evening of interacting gaming.

Maritime Ghost Tour

Far from what you usually expect to find in Greenwich, the Maritime Ghost Tour is guaranteed to get you very jittery! Exploring the Cutty Sark curse and the ghosts of gilted lovers – the ghost tour will take you down a number of winding lanes and eerie walkways.

Shrek’s Adventure

This is a unique opportunity to have a night out in the land of Shrek. Journey to far far away where you’ll receive an extra special DreamWorks concocted drink on arrival, before Donkey will drive you on a jaw-dropping 4D bus ride. If you make it through, you’ll got to the Poison Apple Pub and have a shot with Doris, the bar maid.

Fruit n’ Veg Spiked Cocktail Master class

Normal cocktail master classes will just teach you how to make good drinks; this one will teach you how to make it beautiful. Alongside some amazing drinks, you’ll be taught to create original garnishes made from fruit and vegetables.

Campfire Club Friday

Those dreams of camping out and singing while someone plays some tunes on the guitar have become a reality with Campfire Club. In some of the capital’s leafy pockets, you’re invited to gather round as some of London’s top musical talent plays you their songs, completely unplugged.

Breakfast up high

Enjoy spectacular views over London with breakfast at The Shard. The stylish and delicious restaurant provides views almost as stunning as the ones from the top restuarant. What’s more, it’s cheaper. The express breakfast prices begin at just £9 and a full English costs £18.50. Reservations are required as the restaurant is very popular.

Flight Club

The Flight Club is all about social gaming like never before. Ping pong is well yesterday now. This is the dawn of darts. It is welcome to a new age of drinking and darting. There clubs are in Bloomsbury and Shoreditch.

Eat Club

For a truly unusual experience in London then head to San Daniele and take part in Eat Grub, a supper club revolving around eating insects. The masterminds behind Eat Grub have teamed up with Seb Holmes to create a number of thai-inspired dishes, all created using insects.

The Magic Hour

The Magic Hour is a unique magic show in the heart of London. Located near Hyde Park, this 5 star rated show takes places at the historic Grand Royale hotel. The show, performed in an evocative old drawing room, brings to life the illusions of the Victorian masters of magic.

Ghastly Ghost Tour

Refuse to be held back by the boring and try something completely unique in the heart of the city. Uncover the deepest and darkest tales of the city; Ghastly Ghost Tour will take you around some of the creepiest sights in the city, regaling their stories along the way. Accommodation in London.