The 10 most popular guided Walking tours in London


If you fancy seeing London on foot – check out the 10 most popular Walking tours in London and accommodation in London:

Fox & Squirrel Art Walks

New company Fox & Squirrel prides itself on knowing the best lifestyle venues in the capital. Regular walks explore London’s fashion, arts, and vintage, architecture and food scenes. On a typical arts walk, you’ll visit three contemporary galleries. Do check their website for full details.

Old Map Man

Ken Titmuss, aka the Old Map Man goes one step further by physically showing you lost London using historic maps. For example, he’ll not only lead you to Charles Dickens’ former home. Tours operate all over London, but there’s no fixed rota so check the website for details.

Olympic tours

Blue Badge guides from Tour Guides Ltd provide daily outings. The tours begin in the Lower Lea Valley, where you’ll learn about the area’s still-visible industrial heritage. You’ll finish up on the Greenway, a raised walkway through the middle of the Olympic Park with spectacular views of the main stadium.

Black History Walks

Explore the history of London’s African populations with these regular tours in the City, West End, Docklands, Elephant and Castle and Notting Hill. You’ll hear how much of England’s wealth was built on African labour and resources.

Liars’ London

On this tour you get two tour guides, one of whom tells the truth while the other tells fibs! Your task is to guess which one is the fibber, with a prize for the most astute member of the group.

Charles Booth Poverty Maps

Sean Patterson has numerous tricks up his sleeve to bring the sights and sounds of Victorian London to life. One minute you’re ushered into a local supermarket to learn about the history of ice cream, the next you’re dropping into the local pub for a pint of Best.

London Street Art Tours

There’s much more to street art than Banksy. Graff guide Griff knows many of the artists personally, and will open your eyes to this vibrant subculture. By the end of the tour, you’ll be able to tell your Roas from your Malarkys and your Eines from your Sweet Toofs.

London’s Lost Rivers

A lost network of rivers is buried beneath the roads of modern London. Tom Bolton, author of the recent book London’s Lost Rivers: A Walker’s Guide, will show you how to read the landscape and spot these ancient watercourses – from the slopes of nearby roads to tell-tale street names. Do check out their website for his next trek.

Harry Potter Tours

Discover the Ministry of Magic in Westminster and Leadenhall Market which was Diagon Alley – perfect tour for families, as they seek out locations in London from all of the eight movies.

Smithfield Earlybird

Smithfield is undoubtedly the bloodiest location in the capital, with a long history of executions (including William “Braveheart” Wallace), centuries of heretic-burning and a famous peasant-slaying. This disturbing but fascinating history is best explored in the early morning, when the market is bustling.