Challenge yourself with 10 Escape Rooms in Barcelona


The rise in popularity of real time adventures has led to an increase of Escape Rooms. Physical and mental adventures, whereby players are locked into a series of clues, puzzles and strategic games in order to escape their fate.

Barcelona has several to choose from so why not challenge yourself with 10 escape rooms in the Gothic Quarter.

Chicken Banana

Dare to work for the mafia, help the patients escape the psychiatric ward or discover why the inmates at the local prison are going missing. Chicken Banana is great for fun with friends, teambuilding or hire out for special occasions.

Enigmik Escape Room

Teams of up to 6 people get the chance to solve the Enigmik puzzles and their chance of freedom. The games last for 60 minutes and are available in both Spanish and English.

Proyecto Target

After spending an hour trying to solve the puzzles within Proyecto Target you will begin to question what is fake and what is reality. Located in the area of Montjuic.

Kidnapped in BCN

Worried you might not make it home from your holidays, then just imagine what would happen if you were kidnapped in Barcelona. Challenge your hostages and run as far as you can.


Everything has its place at Cronologic. From when you enter the next 60 minutes will transport you through the realms of science fiction and beyond, so be warned – not everything is as it seems.

Escape Barcelona

Spend your time with the dinosaurs or running away from Egyptian mummies at Escape Barcelona. Classic escape room fun, set in a bygone era.

Maximum Escape

If you’re a fan of Sherlock Holmes then discover the London Devil. Intrigued by myths and magic, so are the Prisoners of Alkaban. Lastly put your life at risk as you go back in time to the middle ages.


How to get into the Enigma is easy, how to get out is venturing into the unknown. Why are the items there, how to do they all piece together? Bring your team and try to uncover the hidden secrets.

Tactic Rooms and Time Café

Are you brave enough to step inside the Paranormal House? Maybe you need to survive the blast of Chernobyl or escape a real-life epidemic. The chances are once you’ve done it all, you will be in need of a cuppa at the onsite Time Café.

Escape from Encrypt

You’ll be breathing a sigh of relief when you finally escape from the encrypt, so be afraid. Very afraid. Just to confirm, this isn’t one that’s designed to be family friendly or for the faint hearted.

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