10 places of interest in Holyrood, Edinburgh


When visiting Edinburgh, you will never be too far from the following 10 places of interest in Holyrood. At the end of the Royal Mile in Old Town, the area of Holyrood takes over the city, home to the Scottish Parliament.

Holyrood Abbey

Founded in 1128 the ruins of Holyrood Abbey stand at the end of the Royal Mile. The “Royal Vault” is also the burying ground for several members of the royal family, including King David II in 1371 and King James V in 1542.

Holyrood Park

As you walk through the 650-acre plot of Holyrood Park, you will be able to embrace some of Edinburgh’s beautiful landscapes. It may be fairly central to the busy capital, but you will feel as though you’ve escaped to the countryside.

Arthur’s Seat

While you’re in the park, be sure to climb up one of Edinburgh’s highest points to the top of Arthur’s Seat. From this popular hill-top you will have amazing views across the city, where you can embrace the Edinburgh skyline.

Holyrood Palace

Each summer Queen Elizabeth II stays at Holyrood Palace and is recognised as Scotland’s official residence of the British Monarch.

Holyrood Campus

The University of Edinburgh first opened in 1583, with the Holyrood Campus being featuring a number of historic buildings such as Moray House School of Education. Although still an active university, many of the grounds can be explored by the public.

Our Dynamic Earth

Discover the history of the natural world at Our Dynamic Earth. Take a look at how it all began with the big bang theory, delve deep into the oceans, feel the cold of the polar icecaps and meet creatures that lived thousands of years ago.

The Museum of Edinburgh

For somewhere more dedicated purely to the Scottish capital, visit the Museum of Edinburgh. Situated along the Royal Mile, you will find out all about the history of the city and its people.

Surgeons’ Hall Museums

Initially opened as a central point for medical teaching, the Surgeon’s Hall Museum has gone on to house a large collection of all things pathology, anatomy and medical related.

National Museum of Scotland

With exhibits from both Scotland and further afield, the National Museum of Scotland has plenty to look at. As well as pre-historic artefacts on display, you can also see the preserved remains of Dolly the Sheep (the world’s first cloned mammal).

The Scottish Parliament Building

In the heart of the old town, the Scottish Parliament Building first opened to the public in 2004. It has since become a major tourist attraction, with free tours available as well as the on-site exhibition depicting the history of modern day democracy.

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