Via Sacra

The Via Sacra, translated as “Sacred Way” is the main road that leads through ancient Rome. Walk through the cobbled street and you will make yourself travelling from the famous Colosseum to the ruins of the Roman Forum. As the largest road in the area, it would play host to processions and celebrations of victorious battles, a meeting point for trade. It would also attract those of what is believed to be the oldest profession, where prostitutes gathered to meet potential clients. Today it is the thoroughfare for tourists and as such lined with ticket booths for local attractions.

Helpful information about Via Sacra

The nearest airports to Rome are Ciampino Airport and the Leonardo da Vinci Airport, both within easy travelling distance of the City Centre. Via Sacra is a public street, so feel free to walk through. Assuming you’re looking to visit the famous landmarks in the area, rather than use the various ticket booths along Via Sacra book in advance online to avoid queues and potentially get better deals.

Making the most of Via Sacra

Whilst the Romans are known for setting the benchmark for what would become roads as we know them today, Via Sacra is a cobbled street so wear sensible footwear. Children are welcome at the ancient ruins, but be mindful push chairs and buggies may not be easy to manoeuvre. The road is going to be busy regardless of when you visit, so incorporate it into visiting the attractions in the area. Search online for tickets incorporating various places under one pass, or join a walking tour and gain an insight into the history as you’re on the move.

Where to stay in Rome for Via Sacra

Choose from wide selection of places to stay including villas and apartments, holiday homes and private rentals near to the ancient city. The majority of tourists take to the area on foot and with so many of the attractions along this particular road, wherever you stay it easy to reach Via Sacra. Check our accommodation in Rome.

Things to do near Via Sacra

As the main street through ancient Rome you have everything from the Colosseum to Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum readily available. Within walking distance and you will reach Vatican City, including the Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica. Whilst elsewhere in the city you will find the famous Trevi Fountain.

More information about Via Sacra

Read here for more information on Ancient Rome including: the attractions along Via Sacra including the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum, the Late Republic and Roman Empire, the local culture and the history of both Roman and modern times.

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