Venice Canals

About the Venice Canals

The romantic city of Venice is built up from a large group of very small islands in the north of Italy, entwined together by a series of canals and bridges separated by the mainland. There are over 400 bridges within the historic city, allowing ease of crossing from one island to the next. With a maze of waterways to get the best experience of the area travel around via boat, the traditional method of which is taking in the relaxed way of life and being transported to your destination by gondola. It is estimated that around 50,000 tourists visit Venice every day.

Helpful information about The Venice Canals

Nearest airport to Venice is the Marco Polo Airport, which is 14km away from the city centre. There are no roads within the historic streets alongside the canals, so it is only possible to travel by foot or on the water. The mainland however is served by buses and trams, with trains travelling to major cities such as Rome and Milan. Plan your journey with the official public transport here - ticket prices vary. Riding through Venice on a gondola will cost in the region of €30 to €80 for a half hour trip, whilst walking tours can cost around €12.

Making the most of the Venice Canals

To fully embrace the city of Venice you must experience a ride on the canals, it is best to look for the best deal online so you know who to see when you arrive, make the most of your journey by turning it into a guided tour. If you want to get from one part of the city to another, then walking may be a better option. Before you arrive at the airport book your shuttle bus, or train ticket in advance. If you want to miss the tourist season then travel between September and November.

Where to stay in Venice for the Venice Canals

If you are planning to visit the Venice Canals, choose from a wide range of private rentals, houses and apartments within the historic part of the city. Whether you are looking to rent directly within the waterways, the mainland or outside of Venice it is easy to travel around via public transport or on foot to reach your destination.

Things to do near the Venice Canals

It goes without saying that traveling by gondola is one to tick off the bucket list, but take a walking tour to uncover the rest of what Venice has to offer. There’s the amazing Saint Mark’s Basilica and St Mark’s Square, take in a show at the Teatro La Fenice or relax and take in the views with a glass of wine.

More information about the Venice Canals

For more information on the history of Venice, the climate, demographics, tourism and travel, or more about the Venice Canals, waterways, bridges and public transport click here.

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