The Mousetrap

One of the longest-running play in the world, Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap.

The first performance of The Mousetrap was in London in 1952 and "it’s so popular", the show is still running today. The Mousetrap is a classic whodunnit, which takes place in a remote English country house hotel during a snow storm.

The hotel owners and their guests are shocked when Detective Sergeant Trotter turns up and tells them that a murderer is coming to the hotel. Then, suddenly, one of the guests is murdered: it seems the murderer has already arrived!

Written by Agatha Christie, the queen of the crime novel and creator of some of the greatest detectives in fiction, The Mousetrap is a traditional English murder mystery. Expect the usual twists, turns and double-bluffs as the audience tries to work out which character is responsible for the murder.

After the show, you'll be asked to keep the identity of the killer a secret so the play remains a mystery..

Tickets start at £20

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