Sistine Chapel

About the Sistine Chapel, Rome

Situated in the sovereign state of Rome’s Vatican City, the Sistine Chapel serves as the residency of the Pope as head of the Roman Catholic Church. Having been built in the 1400’s the Chapel is a renowned example of the Renaissance period which also commissioned the famous Italian painter Michelangelo to decorate its lavish ceilings. Whilst a place of worship, the church houses incredible artwork depicting scenes from both the old and new testaments. It is also known for the symbolic induction of the Pope, when the cardinals of the church elect a new leader black smoke flows from its chimney to announce the news is imminent.

Helpful information about the Sistine Chapel

Vatican City itself is a sovereign state, although with no border controls you can access the region from elsewhere in Rome. Nearest airports are Ciampino and Fiumicino which are both 30km away. Open to the public Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm admission to the Sistine Chapel will cost between €12 and €18, with last entry 4pm. When travelling by Metro you can take Line A, trams and buses also reach the area and upon arriving the Chapel is accessible via the Vatican Museum.

Making the most of the Sistine Chapel

In order to avoid long queues, book your visit online in advance, where you will also find combination deals on tickets. As you will be in Vatican City then purchase a ticket that will also give you access to the Vatican Museum and St Peter’s Basilica. Hire a tour guide for a more personal experience, although ensure they are officially approved first. The Pope makes a public appearance on Wednesdays and Sundays, so be mindful these are even more popular days to visit. There is also a strict dress code, so as a mark of respect ensure you are dressed appropriately.

Where to stay in Rome for the Sistine Chapel

Choose from a wide selection of villas and apartments, private rentals and other places to stay near to Vatican City. Weather your looking to stay close to the Vatican, the ancient city or elsewhere in Rome most tourist travel on foot or use the public transport making it easy to reach the Sistine Chapel. Check our accommodation in Rome.

Things to do near the Sistine Chapel

Whilst visiting the Sistine Chapel you will already be in Vatican City, so upon your stay view St Peter’s Basilica and take in your surroundings at Saint Peter’s Square. There’s plenty more to do in Rome too, with the Colosseum and Ancient City Ruins within walking distance and be sure to pass the impressive Trevi Fountain.

More information about the Sistine Chapel

For more information about the Sistine Chapel visit the Vatican tourist website, for information including: the history, news, question and answers, virtual reality tours as well as information on St Peter’s Basilica or to find out more about the Roman Catholic Church and the current Pope.

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