Roman Pantheon

About Pantheon, Rome

Built between 118AD and 128AD the Pantheon takes its name from the Greek translation of “Temple of every God”.  Unlike many other buildings in Rome from this era, it stands almost fully intact rather than in ruins.  Having been constructed almost 2000 years ago it also remains the largest concrete dome in the world to be built without any reinforcement, measuring 43 meters in diameter.  At the top of the dome is a 27ft gap, allowing for the sunlight to shine through.  Since its incarnation as a temple, the Pantheon went on to become a church and during the renaissance period saw several burials. The tomb of Italian painter Raphael is housed within its walls.

Helpful information about Pantheon

With Rome being a popular destination it is served by two airports, Ciampino Airport and Leonardo da Vinci (at Fiumicino) which are both only a short trip away from the Pantheon.  Opening times are Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm, with Sunday opening 9am to 1pm.  There are various walking tours that include the Pantheon, but it is also free to enter with the majority of people spend no more than an hour inside making for a quick turnaround times for your visit.

Making the most of Pantheon

The vast nature of the Pantheon and architectural feat is worth the visit alone, although to gain more of an insight into the tombs within and the history of the building download free audio guides online.  With so much more in the area use the Temple as a stop off on route to elsewhere, or pick up a tourist walking map when you arrive in Rome to get the most from your visit.

Where to stay in Rome for the Pantheon

If you are planning to stay close to the Pantheon, look for a wide range of private rentals, villas and apartments in the ancient city of Rome.  If you are looking to stay close to the tourist destinations, or travel from elsewhere then it is easy to travel around Rome on foot or public transport to reach the Roman Forum.  Check our accommodation in Rome.

Things to do near the Pantheon

With so much in the heart of Rome take a walking tour and visit other Catholic landmarks such as the Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Basilica and the hugely popular Vatican City.  The Trevi Fountain can also be found in Rome and the ancient ruins of the famous historic Colosseum.

More information about the Pantheon

See online here for more information about the Pantheon including: its origins, the history in medieval, renaissance and modern times, the construction and internal dome, the interior, Christian modification of the Pantheon and other buildings based on its design.

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