Roman Baths

About the Roman Baths 

Attracting over a million visitors a year, the Roman Baths are an intriguing insight into the daily life of the Romans as well as the geological wonders of the local area. Located in the West Country city of Bath, the site was first used as a temple to the Goddess Sulis. The Romans gradually developed the baths around the 46 degree spring water which rises up from the Pennyquick Fault and which are now housed in a Grade 1 listed 18th century building. The museum is certainly worth a visit - its fascinating exhibits include artefacts thrown into the baths as gifts for the Goddess as well as a large collection of Roman coins and ‘curse tablets’. These days, the costumed tour guides certainly help to bring the Roman experience to life and you can also head behind the scenes to discover history of the network of tunnels surrounding the baths.

Helpful information about the Roman Baths 

Located about 100 miles from London, the nearest airport to Bath is Bristol Airport. However, it’s common for visitors to fly into London’s Heathrow or Gatwick airports and take one of the frequent trains to Bath mainline station. The Roman Baths are located in the centre of the city in Abbey Church Yard. The baths are open all year round except Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Opening times do vary slightly according to the season but the site tends to open from 9am until 5pm with late openings until 10pm during July and August. Tickets can only be purchased at the door and cost £15 per adult and £9.50 per child.

Although it’s tempting to jump into the waters of the Great Bath, especially on a hot day, the water isn’t safe to bathe in. However, you can taste the perfectly safe spring drinking water from the spa water fountain and bathe in the nearby Thermae Bath Spa.

Where to stay in Bath for the Roman Baths 

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Things to do near the Roman Baths 

 If you’re planning a trip to Bath, you’ll find plenty of sights and activities to keep you busy: take a trip round the historic Bath Abbey, explore the collection at the Fashion Museum and then take some time out surrounded by the beauty of Royal Victoria Park in the city centre. If you’re staying in Bath, it’s certainly worth a day trip to bustling Bristol just ten miles away.

More information about the Roman Baths 

If you’re looking for more information about the Roman Baths, please contact the venue directly. They’ll be able to let you know more about: the geology of the hot springs, the conservation and preservation of the site, the nearby thermae bath spa and more facts and history about ancient roman baths.

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