Piazza del Popolo

About Piazza del Popolo, Rome

The “Peoples Square” in Rome is a public space, just outside the Aurelian Walls and takes its design from architect Giuseppe Valadier.  The walls were built between 271AD and 275AD and enclose the Seven Hills of Rome.  The Piazza however also has plenty of history, the twin churches of the late 1600’s define the entrance, whilst the Flaminio Obelisk pays homage to Egyptian connections. There are also several fountains, all connected symbolically. The Piazza del Popolo was also a place of public executions, the last of which took place in 1826.

Helpful information about Piazza del Popolo

The nearest airports are Ciampino Airport and the Leonardo da Vinci Airport, both about 16km away.  When travelling by Metro catch line A to either Spagna or Flaminio for Piazza del Popolo.  Although it is a free public space to enjoy as you wish, join a walking tour to discover more about the area.  The main attractions are the twin churches of Santa Maria dei Miracoli and Santa Maria in Montesanto, both free admission and open Monday to Saturday from 6am to 1pm and 5pm to 7pm, Sundays 8am to 1pm and 5pm to 7pm.

Making the most of Piazza del Popolo

The best way to get around Rome is to walk, so plan your visit to the square to coincide with somewhere else on your journey for best use of the time.  When there, visit the twin churches but also read up on the various monuments and fountains to learn more about their origins or book onto a walking tour.  June to August is the height of season for visiting Rome, although spending a lot of time outdoors remember to dress appropriately for when you’re in a place of worship or you may be turned away.

Where to stay in Rome for Piazza del Popolo

Choose from wide selection of places to stay including villas and apartments, holiday homes and private rentals near to the square.  If you decide to stay closer to one of Rome’s other attractions or elsewhere in the city, public transport or travelling on foot you will easily reach Piazza del Popolo. Check our accommodation in Rome.

Things to do near Piazza del Popolo

The spectacular Trevi Fountain is within walking distance, as to is the Roman Temple of Pantheon.  Across the River Tiber and you will soon reach Vatican City, ancient Rome and the Colosseum are also a must see when in the area.

More information about Piazza del Popolo

There’s a lot more to read about Piazza del Popolo including: the design by architect Guiseppe Valadier, the fountains, urbanisation in three dimensions, Porta del Popolo, the twin churches Santa Maria in Montesanto and Santa Maira dei Miracoli.

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