New Wimbledon Theatre

The theatre produces some of the best shows in the world. There are currently 1,670 seats spread across all three of the floors inside of the venue. There are also 80 studio seats. While some shows do require more room, seating capacity still ranges above 1,500 people.

Seating for disabled viewers as well as a seat for their companion is offered. There are hearing devices that can be requested to allow for the utmost in audio quality during the show. Wheelchair adapted toilets are available as well as bar facilities. Guide dogs are also allowed within the venue.

In recent years, since the theatre’s acquisition, there have been major events that have taken place. Among them includes hosting Prince Charles’ 60th birthday celebration. This celebration would see major celebrities, such as the late Robin Williams, and many others in attendance.

The highest grossing show would follow just two years after the birthday celebration in 2010. During this time, Peter Pan would be played and would break the previous highest-grossing record for the theatre.

There have been 101 pantomimes to take place within the theatre’s 103 year history.


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