About Montjuïc 

Several thousand years ago, Iberic Celts settled on the Montjuïc situated southeast of Barcelona's current city centre which was later used by the Romans as a ceremonial place. Today the Montjuïc is mostly a recreational area with a large number of sights and attractions, most of them originating from two major events that took place there: the 1929 International Exhibition and the 1992 Olympics.

The  Montjuïc hill and surrounding area hosts many other attractions such as the Spanish Village, the Magic Fountain and MNAC (Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya) and a 100 year old amusement park, Tibidabo, that lies in a picturesque location on the northeastern slope.

Helpful information about Montjuïc

Montjuïc is south east of Barcelona’s city centre, Spain. The nearest airport is Barcelona Airport – El Prat and is approximately 11 kms from Montjuïc. From the airport you can take the RENFE train, Aerobus express bus service or a taxi to the city centre.

Getting from the city centre to Montjuïc on public transport can be done via the metro (L1, L3); city bus 150 from Plaza Espanya to Montjuic Castle.

Making the most of Montjuïc 

When you visit Montjuïc, one of the many attractions to explore is the National Palace, this majestic building in neo-Baroque style is home to the MNAC. Its collection includes Roman, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque art as well as nineteenth and twentieth century works of art.

You may want to take a stroll around the Montjuïc gardens, which were given renewed attention with the arrival of the Olympics in 1992.  Amongst the many gardens you will find “Nou Jardí Botànic”, a botanic garden with more than two thousand different plants and hundreds of different types of cacti. 

Where to stay in Barcelona when visiting Montjuïc 

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Things to do near Montjuïc  

A stroll through Montjuïc Cemetery is like walking through a miniature city, containing valuable examples of funerary art and the only collection of hearses in Europe.  Near the foot of the cemetery is Montjuïc Castle and mines, overlooked by Montjuïc lighthouse which boasts superb views of the port and a natural biosphere reserve.

More information about Montjuïc 

To find out more information on the abundance of attractions, sites and history to be found in and around Montjuïc go to Wikipedia.  There are so many it’s difficult to decide where to start!

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