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About Lake Como

Situated in the North of Italy, Lake Como is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world and among the deepest in Europe at 400 metres.  With several towns situated along the 46km length there are numerous villas and palaces, amazing natural sites and wildlife.  The scenery at the lake is stunning, with the colours of the water changing with the sunlight.  When visiting keep an eye out for the various famous faces that live close by with actors George Clooney and Sylvester Stallone, designer Gianni Versace business tycoon Richard Branson being among those who have taken up residency over the years.

Helpful information about Lake Como

The nearest airports to Lake Como are Milan Bergamo and Brescia airports, which are easy to reach via bus or trains from Milan take around 40 minutes.  The best time to visit is from April through to the summer months.  During April to October you can travel along the water via the popular Vago Eupili catamaran, although plenty of other boats and paddle steamers are also available with variable prices. 

Making the most of Lake Como, Lombardy

It’s worth looking in advance at the variety of places to visit along Lake Como, as there’s always something to suit your holiday needs.  If you’re travelling as a family why not take a picnic and relax by the water edge, although remember to wrap up warm as the evening draws in especially if you’re looking to take a trip on the water.  With plenty of walks or bike rides there’s a lot to explore on land, but the lake is also popular among windsurfers too.

Where to stay in Lombardy, for Lake Como

If you are visiting Lombardy, then choose from a selection of private villas, apartments or boats along Lake Como. Whether you are looking to stay by the water’s edge, or travel from elsewhere in the city it is easy to travel along the lake with the various boat trips available.  You can also book accommodation further inland or just across the Italian boarder in Switzerland.

Things to do near Lake Como

Whether it be taking a walk along the waterside, boat tours of the lake or diving in for a swim there’s plenty of natural beauty at Lake Como.  Visit the Villa Del Balbianello with its stunning gardens or the palace at Villa Carlotta containing over 500 plants and flowers.  There are a number of castles and forts too, ranging from Roman times and the middles ages through to the 19th century.

More information about Lake Como

There are more details on Lake Como available, including: the geography and climate of the area, details on tourism at Lake Como, ferries and transport, photo galleries, famous residents, or other villages and resorts near to the lake.

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