Circus Maximus

About Circus Maximus, Rome

The history of Circus Maximus goes back to ancient Rome, when it would attract up to 150,000 spectators attending sporting events on a regular basis.  Situated between Aventine and Palatine Hills, not too far from the famous Colosseum the park is worthy of a visit.  Whilst various religious events, plays and recitals would take place at the grounds, the oval track is most notorious for holding chariot races and gladiator fights.  There are still significant ruins on display depicting its history, whilst in modern times the park has hosted music concerts by English acts, Genesis and the Rolling Stones.

Helpful information about Circus Maximus

The nearest airports to Rome are Ciampino Airport and the Leonardo da Vinci Airport, both within easy access into the city and to Circus Maximus.  Visiting in the height of the season between June and August will give you the best weather to spend time outdoors.  Circus Maximus in our modern times is used as a public park, it is open all year around and there are no entrance fees so you are able to freely enjoy the surroundings and walk amongst the surviving remains.

Making the most of Circus Maximus

It’s an ideal spot to take the family for a picnic, or maybe just spend some time alone in the sun with a good book.  If there’s a large group of you on holiday it can be your location for a friendly game of football or to just a place to relax.  The history however shows that the Circus Maximus was much more than a public park, so read up on the origins of the grounds so you gain an understanding of the ruins that you will be surrounded by.  There’s a religious significance too so keep an eye out for the shrines from the historic past of Circus Maximus.

Where to stay in Rome for Circus Maximus

Choose from a number of villas and apartments, Bed and Breakfasts, private rentals and other places to stay near to the ancient ruins in Rome.  With most tourists choosing to walk around on foot, you can also choose the public transport, making it easy to travel to and from Circus Maximus.  Check our accommodation in Rome.

Things to do near Circus Maximus

It’s not only the park of Circus Maximus that provides an insight into ancient Rome, so visit the Colosseum, Stadio Palatino and the Roman Forum too.  Then take time to see all Vatican City has to offer, including the Sistine Chapel.  Walking tours will guide you on your journey and be sure to stop off at the famous Trevi Fountain.

More information about Circus Maximus

Find out about what now functions as a park: with more information on Circus Maximus and its early events and uses, chariot races, history of Circus Maximus during the Regal, Republican and Imperial eras, the religious significance along with details about its modern uses.

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